Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Super Sexy Jennifer Lopez Perform at World Cup Opening Party 2014 Brazil

Super Sexy Jennifer Lopez Perform at World Cup Opening Party

Ceremony of the 2014 World Cup opening party successfully held at the Arena de Sao Paulo, Brazil, Friday (06/13/2014). Singer Jennifer Lopez was a guest on the grand party.

Together Pitbull, Claudia Leitte and accompanied by hundreds of dancers, J-Lo was featured as the cover. They performed the song theme of this year's World Cup, 'We Are One (Ole Ola)'.

Surely, Jennifer looks very sexy on stage. She appears wearing a green costume that showed off her curves.

Action Jennifer, Pitbull and Claudia Leitte very energetic. They jump-jump, up and down the stage invites the audience swaying.

After the show, the three singers that surrounds the stadium to greet the audience. J-Lo was seen deeply moved got a very festive.

Previously, it was rumored Jennifer will not appear in the opening ceremony. The song 'We Are One (Ole Ola)' also mentioned protests from residents of Brazil.

The song was criticized for showing a greater portion of the foreign artists who sing in English and Spanish.

Claudio Leitte singing only in a matter of seconds at the end of the song. In addition, the voice on the song is not in accordance with the distinctive voice of the people of Brazil.


Beautiful style women Suporter Brazil 2014 World Cup

Beautiful style women Suporter Brazil 2014 World Cup
In every prestigious football tournament, always identical levels of suporter beautiful. No exception in the 2014 World Cup Event which was held in Brazil. In addition to bringing a variety of attributes, the beautiful woman is also wearing a sexy outfit.


Brazil 2014 World Cup: Brazil vs. Mexico Wednesday 18-6-2014 - Video

Brazil 2014 World Cup: Brazil vs. Mexico Wednesday 18-6-2014
Video Brazil VS Mexico Wednesday 18-6-2014
Best Performance of a Lifetime of Ochoa
Fortaleza - Mexico goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa became a star field when El Tri successful draw against Brazil. He mentioned that it was like a once in a lifetime best performances.

When diving match at Estadio Castelao, Fortaleza, Wednesday (06/18/2014) pm dawn, the advanced Group A World Cup, Mexico successfully forced the game against Brazil ended with the score 0-0.

Shown under the pressure of tens of thousands of supporters of the Samba team, Ochoa was able to perform excellent. He is capable of carrying six times to rescue important.

Withstand the onslaught of the success of Brazil, Ocoha praised the performance of his peers defense.

"It was a tough game, especially against Brazil at home alone grass. When we heard their supporters giving spirit, we know that we must try twice as hard," Ochoa said on Football Italia.

"Fortunately the team was able to show outstanding defense and the whole group is gaining valuable points."

"I think that it is a once in a lifetime performance, due to keeping wicket without conceding with saves against Brazil in the World Cup as well as the achievement," he added.

Furthermore, Ochoa also mention one of the most difficult rescue he made in the match against Brazil. Heading carried forward Neymar Dani Alves cross in the 26th minute was the most difficult tepisan done that strengthen the club Ajaccio goalkeeper's

"I think it was the hardest, because it's right next to the goal post," said 28-year-old goalkeeper.

Brazil 0 ~ 0 Mexico (Highlights) Group A: 2014... oleh HumanSlinky

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Rihanna CFDA Fashion Awards 2014 - Wear Transparent dress at the CFDA Awards

Rihanna CFDA Fashion Awards 2014

Wear Transparent dress at the CFDA Awards, Rihanna Breast Exposed

Awards fashion community , the CFDA Fashion Awards held back for the 24th time . Not the designers , the event regularly held by the Council of Fashion Designers of America is also attended by many celebrities , one of Rihanna .

Rihanna is not her name if it does not appear draw attention to what she wears . When present at the CDFA Fashion Awards , held at Alice Tully Hall , New York City , 26-year -old singer wore a transparent dress .

The singer of the song ' Do not Stop The Music ' was only wearing panties under a dreamy gown sprinkled with Swarovski crystals are 216 thousand . Without a bra , breast Rihanna was clearly terekpos .

The singer of the song ' Do not Stop the Music' is looked confident with fishnet cut halter neck dress design was Adam Selman . When posing and being on stage to receive the award , Rihanna is only occasionally covered his chest with white fur scarf .

He completed his performance with the gloves is also transparent and crystal decorated , head scarves , earrings and rings . The appearance of the 'total ' it in this prestigious event was not in vain . Rihanna have won the award for Fashion Icon Award

Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Story of Down Syndrome is Inspiring

Johnny 's age of approximately 20 years , working as a packaging of goods in addition to a cashier at a large retail store sales were sluggish . That makes Johnny look different from other employees , people with Down syndrome it .

One time he heard a motivational lectures in radio marketing expert , Barbara Glanz . " Think about something that you can give to customers and make them feel special so that they are compelled to come again , " said Barbara .

Somehow , Johnny was interested in the lecture . He wanted to give something special to its customers , but what ? He had called Barbara and told interested in his talk , but he could not make it happen because he 's just a down syndrome .

Until one day came out an idea to make a note of Daily Devotions - Thought for the Day , which contains a simple motivational phrase yet touched that he wanted to share with customers .

Johnny asked his father for help typing on the computer and print it into the coffee . Every little piece of the daily contemplation of the results he named himself behind and greeting , " Thank You for Shopping at Our Place " . Printouts that he brought to the work place .

Johnny the action began. After each pack , Johnny insert a Thought for the Day for each of its customers who pay at the counter where he served .

A month later his manager look odd. The line of customers at the cash register where Johnny charge three times the length of the other cashiers . Typically retail stores , there are always some counter.

The manager also asked the customer is that it is next to it in order to fill the ranks faster underserved . Interestingly , they instead took the advice , they even say in unison , " That's okay , we were willing to queue , which is important to ' Thought for the Day ' from Johnny , " he said .

Which makes the manager touched , many customers who claim , they usually come shopping there once a week . But that gets Thought for the Day every day , so every day shopping . Not to mention those who recommend their friends to shop there in order to get Thought of the Day from Johnny as well .

Retail outlets and even then so crowded . Even the marketing division of the original flower almost bankrupt could come back to life because the bright idea that Johnny is a down syndrome .

Friday, February 28, 2014

3 Black Sand Beach Exotic

3 Black Sand Beach Exotic

1 . Punaluu , Hawaii

Punaluu is a beach located on the Big Island , Hawaii . This beach is famous for its sand colored black, which was created by lava flowing from a volcano into the sea and then subjected to cooling . Interestingly , visitors are not allowed to bring home the beach sand , because it is considered illegal .

2 . Waianapanapa , Maui

Waianapanapa Beach is a black sand beach formed by waves crashing against volcanic rock over tens of years. At this beach , you can find some wonderful sites that are worth to visit . You can also view and into sea caves and bridges made ​​of natural rock . In the winter , the waves became very high , so swimming , surfing , diving and all the activities on the beach would be very dangerous . When the surf is calm , you can play kayaking , swimming , and diving .

3 . Lost Coast , California

Lost Coast is a beach located in California and stretches about 80 miles. Although you can actually swim in this beach , most people do not do it . Why ? Because according to them , this is not an interesting beach to visit , unless you want to hike along the beach and stopped to take pictures and such .

The beauty of the islands Exotic Unique Shaped

The beauty of the islands Exotic Unique Shaped

Nature created is so unique , so do the millions island on Earth . Some of them have a very unique shape and make curious travelers that invites curiosity to come there just to take pictures and setting foot into the unique island .

Following the world 's most unique island shaped dolphins , hearts , boomerang -shaped island until sperm are some examples of uniquely shaped island . Environmental Graffiti reported from the island which is said to have the meaning of each of the unique shape .

1 . Boomerang Island
The world 's most unique island shaped Aboriginal traditional weapons , Australia , is a boomerang . Boomerang island in the South China Sea . The island is part of the Spratly Islands

2 . Island tree
This tree -shaped island in the Isles of Scilly , off the coast of Cornwall , southern England . Seen from the sky , its shape is similar to a tree . There are sticks, twigs , leaves and even the bottom of the tree as there are forms of soil .

3 . sperm Island
The island is shaped like a sperm , it is a very unique island . This picture was taken from a plane in flight over the sea between Japan and Europe . This is clear from the appearance of the island is only a sand and soil . But from the sky , the island looks like a sperm cell swimming in the vast blue ocean .

4 . liver Island
This is a very unique island romantic . Off the coast of Croatia there Galesnjak island in the Adriatic Sea . But people call Beloved Island . It is because of this heart-shaped island , a symbol of love .

The island is privately owned , filled with plants and trees . Turanj island near the city became the world's attention in 2009 when it published a Google Earth satellite photo of this heart-shaped island .

5 . Island stingray

In Denmark , there Aebelo island in the Kattegat Sea . It is on the north side of the island of Funen , Denmark 's third largest island . When viewed from the sky , shaped like a stingray . In fact, there are parts of the island are sandy and Formatting a long line , as if it was part of his tail .



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