Saturday, April 30, 2011

NFL: Haynesworth accused of sex abuse

Albert Haynesworth lawyer called the indictment "disappointing, sad and a difficult case" to prove.NEW: Haynesworth denies the prosecution accused by his LawyerTackle, set to graphic symbols 10Prosecutors can say footballer stroked waitress

Washington (CNN) --Fußballspieler Albert Haynesworth has offense have been accused of sexual abuse, the waitress in a Washington hotel bar.

A defensive tackle for the Washington of Redskins, allegedly a credit card below put Haynesworth, 29, the front of the server dress and fondled her breast, according to prosecutors. Court papers identify not the waitress but say the incident at 2 pm on 13 February in one on the roof lounge at the W Hotel has happened in the morning.

An indictment was returned jury in the superior court for the District of Columbia Tuesday by a Grand. A prosecution is planned for May 10.

According to a press release, Haynesworth could face up to 180 days in jail and a maximum fine of $1,000 if convicted.

Haynesworth's Defender, A. Scott Bolden, called the indictment "disappointing, sad and a difficult case for the Government to prove."

"The prosecution only a fee, no conviction", Bolden said. "And in fact my client maintains his innocence because he is innocent." "We continue to vigorously these fees to fight, and I fully expect him of any wrongdoing be free."

Earlier this year Haynesworth was indicted also attack on a driver after a traffic in Reston, Virginia.



ASEAN welcomes Chinese PM visit to Jakarta

before the Premier Wen Jiabao of the People's Republic of China's visit to Jakarta this week, Secretary General of ASEAN, Dr. Surin Pitsuwan, declared that "the year of 2011 a very fruitful for the ASEAN-China dialogue will be relations."
In his speech to VIVAnews, Surin revealed that this year the 20-year anniversary of ASEAN-China dialogue marked relations. According to Xinhua News Agency to Prime Minister Wen Jiabao in Indonesia of 29 April 30.
"Under the theme" ASEAN-China: mutually beneficial and win-win partnership,' both parties are a series of activities to promote good neighbourly relations, to deepen cooperation and consolidate people friendship, implement to, "Surin said.
The message was well received by Mr Yang Jiechi, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China. The two met forum for Asia Annual Conference 2011 in Hainan, China, during the Boao earlier this month.  Mr Yang points out that practical cooperation between ASEAN and China has entered a new phase.
During the meeting, Mr Yang welcomed the participation of the United States and Russia in the East Asia Summit (EAS). However, China is of the view that ASEAN should continue to have a central role in the expanded EAS. Mr Yang added that the EAS should focus on problems relating to the promotion of national development and people's welfare.

87 PCT of Indonesia SMEs not bankable

87 percent of the 40 million private entrepreneurs of micro and small enterprises in Indonesia loans have received the access to banks.
Bank Andara, Chief business development officer, Don Johnston "Indonesia requires better economic growth allows more spaces for low-income groups," said on Wednesday.
Strong micro financial sector is vital, because access to micro- and small business owners allows you to banks. "It is certainly feasible, as long as focused to be managed on timeliness, scope, and improved services," he said.
Bank Andara extended Andara link now called by the Internet and Mobile based services. The program will serve likely to 200 micro financial companies by 2011.
Bank Andara has paid Rp200 billions of investments. And yet, he claims that the Bank was the first Apex Bank in Indonesia focusing on micro credit the rural banks, cooperatives and other non-bank micro credit companies includes.

6.3 Magnitude Temblor hits Indonesia Cilacap

Cilacap, Central Java, was hit by a magnitude 6.3 earthquake today. No tsunami warning was issued, and there are no immediate reports of injuries or damage.
Based on data from the Geophysics, climatology and Meteorology Agency, found the earthquake by 13:32 local time 120 kilometers off the southwest coast of the Cilacap 24 km depth below sea level.
Cilacap was on 4 April 2011, send by 7.1 magnitude Temblor in panic, residents fled their homes and office buildings was destroyed.

Philippine rebels to the peace process forward

Upcoming talks are expected in June.

The largest Muslim rebel group in the Philippines urged that Government speed up peace talks Wednesday, but remained vague about its plans to handle a renegade Commander, threatens the process to fail.

The negotiations to seek a decades-long armed struggle of the 11,000 strong Moro Islamic Liberation Front for Muslim autonomy in the southern Philippines, home to the minority Muslims in the mostly Roman Catholic country to stop.

Rebel chief negotiator Mohagher Iqbal in a speech before the last round which start two-day talks of Malaysia mediated noted that since 1997, in which he called negotiations "to long a process."

Iqbal urged the Philippine Government, submit a proposal for a comprehensive agreement if both sides of their next meeting in Kuala Lumpur. Upcoming talks are expected in June.

Iqbal added that the rebels were working to solve problems with Ameril Umbra Kato, a hard-line commander who opposed to the talks, because he says that they have shown no major results for years. Kato formed his own group of a few hundred followers but has indicated that he is still among the Moro group.

The leader of the "efforts to detect exercised his error," Iqbal said. "But more efforts are still going to, and we are not giving up." The Kato problem is the MILF internal. "Let this problem for us."

Government negotiators Marvic Leonen expressed concern whether a peace agreement can be implemented, if it "unaddressed factions." He added that patience for consultations on complex issues was needed.

The peace process in 2008 as a provisional accord extending an existing autonomous Muslim region apart was advised in the ground to a halt and Court was explained later by the Supreme unconstitutional. The Government has Kato and rebel fighters of killing dozens of civilians when it rages to protest the failure of the talks by Christian communities, accused.

Despite the violence said Iqbal in September last year, that his group status of any State not more independent from the Philippines but was similar.

The United States, the hundreds of troops training Filipino soldiers who sanctuary for al-Qaeda linked militant supported the peace process with the aim of the denial.

Also the brutal Abu Sayyaf group, containing network Jemaah Islamiyah Muslim rebels notorious for kidnappings and beheadings, and Indonesian fighters in connection with the regional terrorist.

This week the talks meet Malaysian mediators resolved a dispute over. Othman Abdul Razak, an official of Malaysian Prime Minister's Office, which for almost nine years, was mediated by the Philippine Government, that it is biased in favour of the rebels.

Tengku from Ghafar Tengku Mohamed, a Malaysian ex-diplomat who once served in Manila, replacing Othman.



Police deploy 7,000 employees at the may day

A number of workers' unions have notified of the planned actions to the police
The Jakarta police deploy seven thousand officers possible protests, which come on the can be kept to anticipate can prepare 1, an event to commemorate the international workers day aimed.
"Seven thousand employees ready,", said Chief of operations Bureau in Jakarta Police Department, Chief. Come on. Jarno on Wednesday.
Demonstrators are expected to be around the Presidential Palace, parliamentary complex, Department of labor and transmigration, Bundaran HI and to collect the national monument.
Jarno said a number of workers' unions have notified of the planned actions to the police.
However, despite the planned protests, some trade unions have also several events such as blood donor, tree planting set lined up and sporting events.
Coverage from: Sukirno

Friday, April 29, 2011

Indonesia Soeharto son sets up party

Hutomo mandala Putra, known by many as Tommy Soeharto, son of Indonesian former President Soeharto, the Republican national party officially established and it has registered on the Ministry of Justice and human rights.
"Tommy Soeharto is the founder of Board,", one of the founders of the Party of Lieut. said gene (AD) Edy Waluyo on Thursday.
Edy said that the Republican people's Party was set up to voice the concerns of more people.
He said "The Republican national interests of many people will express that admire Soeharto".
Future members of the party management in 33 provinces are ready for the party statement. "Is planned, that the form prior to the review be carried out," he said.

Smuggle drugs, Australian jailed for 18 years

The District Court Denpasar was also Thai Boxing Trainer Sacatides a $116,000 fine.

Crystal methamphetamine at the island resort of Bali has sentenced an Australian man an Indonesian Court to 18 years in prison for smuggling two kilograms (4 pounds).

Forty three-year old Michael Sacatides was arrested in October after arriving on a flight from Thailand at Bali's airport. Police found the drug in his luggage.

In his ruling Monday, the Denpasar District Court gave a also Thai Boxing Trainer Sacatides $116,000 fine.

He told the Court, he borrowed the suitcase of a friend in Bangkok and had no knowledge of the drugs.

Very strict laws and convicted smugglers often stated Indonesia.

Associated press

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Actor Citibank fraud case arrested

Police arrested actor Andhika Gumilang, which also the secret husband of Inong Malinda a.k.a. Malinda Dee, suspicion is Citibank fraud. The study on Andhika since Tuesday takes place.
"[Andhika] has by the researchers of the special economic management in since Tuesday, question", by police, spokesman Chief come. Boy Rafli Amar, on Wednesday.
The national police have confiscated an apartment and four sports cars include Malinda during the investigation of Citibank fraud, causing losses of approximately to Rp20 billions.
Earlier Andhika was reported in the media, that Melinda's husband, but her lawyer later announced that this was wrong.Malinda had separated from her husband, Agus Ali, he said.

China premier hums Indonesian folk songs

Prime Minister Wen Jiabao of China's (AP Photo/Michel Euler)
Prime Minister of China, Wen Jiabao is fascinated with Indonesian cultural heritage. In fact, he is still a number of popular folk songs from Tapanuli and Ambon, such as "Butet" and "Ayo Mama."
"I had come to this country know when I was very young and could the melody of such famous Indonesian folk songs as 'Buteh' [Butet] and" Ayo Mama, "hum" said Premier Wen in his Office earlier this week, according to the published transcript, interview in the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Web site.
Before his official visits to Malaysia and Indonesia this weekend was Premier Wen a joint interview several journalists from both countries in Beijing. He is expected to Indonesia visit on 28-30 April 2011.
The 68-year-old Prime Minister reminded the press that contacts between Chinese and Indonesian people dating back to 2000 years ago. The eminent Chinese monk Fahien visited Indonesia in the fourth century. The eighth century the eminent Chinese monk Yijing visited Indonesia and during this time began to migrate a large number of Chinese to Indonesia.
Premier Wen then reveals an interesting conversation with the Indonesia's parliamentary speaker, Marzuki alie, if he paid a visit to Beijing a few days ago. "He told some historical episodes between China and Indonesia." "He said, that he was born in Sumatra, and many of the local Sumatra very similar to see people such as Chinese, and that he thought that he is Chinese-born," said Premier Wen.
He also underlined that the most famous historical episode in our exchange of Western he, in fact, is sea of voyages of Zheng of the famous Chinese Navigator, a Muslim, in the early century. He helped to build several mosques in Indonesia and some of these mosques are still well preserved.
"I think that important and memorable episode in our stock market is in the 20th century the Bandung Conference," he said. At this time, Premier Zhou Enlai and President Sukarno set huge joint efforts for the success of the Conference. And the ten key principles for the peaceful coexistence of the Asian and African countries were inaugurated.
"To know more about this important historical event, I paid a special trip once to Bandung." I guess a very fond impression of Indonesia, "Premier Wen"said.

Govt not yet sure that the fuel control policy

the Indonesian Government has subsidized fuel despite several delays to rules, have control over the it earlier. It was planned, however, that the directive would take place this month.
Finance Minister agus Martowardojo said, the simulation of the fuel control over the progress which is helmed by the coordination of the Minister of the economy. Agus said "The authorities under Energy Minister and downstream are oil and gas regulator," on Monday.
However, could agus "I have no idea about the matter." not open on the date of implementation,
The Government said in statement that it maintains still subsidized fuel consumption at 38.6 million Kiloliters as 2011 arranged in the State budget.

Ex-Treasury of Gayus, not witness protection

the witness and victim protection agency (LPSK) of protection offers defendant tax withheld mafia scandal Gayus Tambunan. In fact, the former mid-ranking tax is official a potential whistle blower of the case.
"We waste, the protection of Gayus provide this," said LPSK Chief, Abdul Haris Semendawai, reporters on Wednesday.
LPSK used the former Treasury prison in the Cipinang prison as his refusal. LPSK claimed Gayus under the prison will be sure authorities. Gayus is sentenced to seven years jail and a fine of Rp300 millions.
"It can minimize future terror against him," said Semendawai.
Earlier, requested Gayus LPSK protection of him of his intention to light topics on tax mafia offer.
Gayus testified sessions during several Court earlier that he worked for a number of Taxmen in the Directorate-General for taxes.
For the moment the corruption eradication Commission (: a handheld computer) are looking in his wealth as regards the case. In addition: A handheld computer called links to Gayus reports on 151 companies strongly suspected to the Ministry of Finance on file.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

12 Alleged mail bomber picked up

police took 12 alleged terrorists of the mail bombing as prisoners in the Jakarta police prison. Jakarta Police spokesman, Chief comm Baharudin Djafar, "Those men under terrorist charges, be arrested," said on Monday.
The prisoners are part of the 20 alleged terrorists, 12 people who rounded up the special anti-terrorism squad detachment 88.
Asked after the suspicious initials, refused to say Baharudin in detail.
Earlier, the antiterror squad with captured 20 suspected terrorists in the mail-bombing cases in Jakarta.
You were picked up in various places in Java and Aceh.
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Gunpowder suspected terrorist the home found

One of the proof is a piggy bank that contains gunpowder on three kilograms.
police found planted under the House bombs once the mastermind alleged mail bombing Pepi Fernando in Aceh was occupied. In addition, other suspicious objects on top of the House were spotted.
The results were from a RAID under the direction of antiterror police squad last night led. One of the proof is a piggy bank that contains gunpowder on three kilograms.
The RAID was head of Aceh's Special Division, adj. Chief helmed. Come on. Sutri Hamdani. He refused however to give comments about the roundup.
As reported earlier, Pepi in Merduati, Aceh, was arrested Thursday, 21 April. Police took two men of initialed j and f, as well as. The man, J, a bomber in the next terrorist action be initialed was set.
Cover by: Muhammad Riza l Aceh

Is Indonesia need Development Bank?

Indonesia is expected to a Bank have specifically dealt with the long-term development of the infrastructure.
According to economic observers, Anggito Abimanyu, calls the discrepancy in the way between the source of funding and financing. "Banks reserve financing due to the high cost, not much infrastructure," he said on Tuesday.
Indonesia requires such bank as the Bank Pembangunan Indonesia, who had finished in the late 1990s.
Head of research and community service Institute at the Atma Jaya may finance infrastructure projects but A Prasetyantoko, current top banks. "they are ready, means that are in fact unabsorbed offer," he said.
Indonesia is classified index behind China (27), South Africa (28) and Malaysia (29) as a low-rank country in the 75 of logistics.

Airport close in volcano justified event

The disruptive closing of some European airports after the last volcanic eruption in Iceland was to do the right thing and may have saved lives, concludes a new study.
The hard, sharp particles of volcanic ash high into the air blown up Jet engines fail caused and sand-blasted plane Windows to the point where it would be impossible to see according to a study conducted by SigurĂ°ur Gislason of University Iceland.
"We have shown that the airport closures were justified," said co-author Susan Stipp University of Copenhagen. Their research was published Tuesday in the proceedings of National Academy of Sciences.
14 The eruptions began April 2010, with an explosive blast at Eyjafjallajokull (ay-yah-FYAH-lah-yer-kuhl) spewing volcano and ash continued for weeks. The event the most countries in Northern Europe forced to close their airspace for 15-20, grounding of 100,000 flights and an estimated 10 million travelers worldwide between April. The shutdown cost airlines more than $2 billion.
If the ash particles in Jet engines were sucked she could have melted on the whirling sound caused to fail the engine, the report said. And there was a high risk of scouring the surface of level, carried out according to the researchers, the tests on samples of ash.
Even two weeks which vigorously stir the ash error rounds the edges of the particles, so sharp and hard opaque when at high speed, turn enough to a plane window, according to the study.
The report recalls the case of a British Airways 747 that flew into a cloud of ash on Indonesia 1982, in which all four engines failed and the pilot reported that the Windows were sandblasted. In this case the pilot in the location, some of the engines was restarted and it managed an emergency landing of peering from a 2-inch clear area in a page window.
By Randolph E. Schmid
AP science writer

Create Indonesia infrastructure in 6 zones

State-owned enterprises and industrial sectors are expected to be more work.
Toll road project. (VIVAnews/Tri Saputro)
the Indonesian Government, it said in a statement 2012 focuses on the development of infrastructure in six economic zones in the national action plan attached. In the meantime, companies should state and master commercial sector to collaborate in the development plan.
National development planning Minister / national development planning Agency Chief, Armida S Alisjahbana, the Government said several infrastructure projects such as two-track system in Java, Merak Bakauheni Harbor, southern route via Java, Eastern route of the transport system in Kalimantan and Sumatra prioritize is.
"The Central Government basic infrastructure will build while provincial governments develop to support infrastructure," said Armida on Wednesday.
Earlier, the Government said six new national economic zones in Sumatra, northern West Java, Northern North coast of Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Papua, East Java, Java and Nusa Tenggara Timur.
Given the more systematic work programme between the Central Government and the provinces of Armida believed Governments as well as the Government and commercial sectors, that Indonesia 7-8 can beat growth percent.

UNDP Chief to observe Indonesian development

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) administrator Helen Clark pays starting a three-day visit in Indonesia - highlight on Wednesday - development agenda of Indonesia in the next five years, with particular reference to their most important initiatives and reforms address environmental aspects.

"High level meetings in the capital and website visits Central Kalimantan also on critical issues such as climate change, decentralization and growth with social justice, will focus", UNDP said in its statement to VIVAnews.

The trip to Kalimantan on their first day in Indonesia are talks with local officials and a discussion with the communities on their needs and participation in reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD +) projects.  The Governments signed a letter of intent for more than $1 billion in grants are provided by Norway and Indonesia, to support the protection of forests in Indonesia. The pilot chose Kalimantan province for the national REDD plan.

Clark, the former Prime Minister of New Zealand, to discuss meeting with senior officials in Jakarta, a number of topics related to Indonesia's national priority concerns and UNDP role in supporting the country in achieving the Millennium development goals and accelerating the development in less-favoured regions.

The meetings include talks with Armida Alisjahbana, Minister for national development agency planning and Kuntoro Mangkusubroto, Chairman of UKP4 and Chairman of REDD + task force, among other things.

Clark also deliver a keynote address for the company for Environment Forum, this is a Conference, is to explore the possibilities for the private sector solutions and services for a clean economy and carbon future.  A youth dialogue with Indonesian students discover ways that encourage young people and environmental sustainability can be managed.

You are also a UNDP supported project of a local community organization, Mitra Sehati in West Bekasi, provides the civic and voter education visit marginalized groups, including female sex workers. The administrator will travel to Turkmenistan after their trip to Indonesia.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

The Lincoln Lawyer 2011

Moderately successful criminal defense attorney Mickey Haller operates around Los Angeles County out of a Lincoln Town Car driven by a former client working off his legal fees (hence the title).


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