Saturday, April 30, 2011

87 PCT of Indonesia SMEs not bankable

87 percent of the 40 million private entrepreneurs of micro and small enterprises in Indonesia loans have received the access to banks.
Bank Andara, Chief business development officer, Don Johnston "Indonesia requires better economic growth allows more spaces for low-income groups," said on Wednesday.
Strong micro financial sector is vital, because access to micro- and small business owners allows you to banks. "It is certainly feasible, as long as focused to be managed on timeliness, scope, and improved services," he said.
Bank Andara extended Andara link now called by the Internet and Mobile based services. The program will serve likely to 200 micro financial companies by 2011.
Bank Andara has paid Rp200 billions of investments. And yet, he claims that the Bank was the first Apex Bank in Indonesia focusing on micro credit the rural banks, cooperatives and other non-bank micro credit companies includes.

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