Friday, April 29, 2011

Actor Citibank fraud case arrested

Police arrested actor Andhika Gumilang, which also the secret husband of Inong Malinda a.k.a. Malinda Dee, suspicion is Citibank fraud. The study on Andhika since Tuesday takes place.
"[Andhika] has by the researchers of the special economic management in since Tuesday, question", by police, spokesman Chief come. Boy Rafli Amar, on Wednesday.
The national police have confiscated an apartment and four sports cars include Malinda during the investigation of Citibank fraud, causing losses of approximately to Rp20 billions.
Earlier Andhika was reported in the media, that Melinda's husband, but her lawyer later announced that this was wrong.Malinda had separated from her husband, Agus Ali, he said.

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