Friday, April 29, 2011

China premier hums Indonesian folk songs

Prime Minister Wen Jiabao of China's (AP Photo/Michel Euler)
Prime Minister of China, Wen Jiabao is fascinated with Indonesian cultural heritage. In fact, he is still a number of popular folk songs from Tapanuli and Ambon, such as "Butet" and "Ayo Mama."
"I had come to this country know when I was very young and could the melody of such famous Indonesian folk songs as 'Buteh' [Butet] and" Ayo Mama, "hum" said Premier Wen in his Office earlier this week, according to the published transcript, interview in the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Web site.
Before his official visits to Malaysia and Indonesia this weekend was Premier Wen a joint interview several journalists from both countries in Beijing. He is expected to Indonesia visit on 28-30 April 2011.
The 68-year-old Prime Minister reminded the press that contacts between Chinese and Indonesian people dating back to 2000 years ago. The eminent Chinese monk Fahien visited Indonesia in the fourth century. The eighth century the eminent Chinese monk Yijing visited Indonesia and during this time began to migrate a large number of Chinese to Indonesia.
Premier Wen then reveals an interesting conversation with the Indonesia's parliamentary speaker, Marzuki alie, if he paid a visit to Beijing a few days ago. "He told some historical episodes between China and Indonesia." "He said, that he was born in Sumatra, and many of the local Sumatra very similar to see people such as Chinese, and that he thought that he is Chinese-born," said Premier Wen.
He also underlined that the most famous historical episode in our exchange of Western he, in fact, is sea of voyages of Zheng of the famous Chinese Navigator, a Muslim, in the early century. He helped to build several mosques in Indonesia and some of these mosques are still well preserved.
"I think that important and memorable episode in our stock market is in the 20th century the Bandung Conference," he said. At this time, Premier Zhou Enlai and President Sukarno set huge joint efforts for the success of the Conference. And the ten key principles for the peaceful coexistence of the Asian and African countries were inaugurated.
"To know more about this important historical event, I paid a special trip once to Bandung." I guess a very fond impression of Indonesia, "Premier Wen"said.

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