Friday, April 29, 2011

Ex-Treasury of Gayus, not witness protection

the witness and victim protection agency (LPSK) of protection offers defendant tax withheld mafia scandal Gayus Tambunan. In fact, the former mid-ranking tax is official a potential whistle blower of the case.
"We waste, the protection of Gayus provide this," said LPSK Chief, Abdul Haris Semendawai, reporters on Wednesday.
LPSK used the former Treasury prison in the Cipinang prison as his refusal. LPSK claimed Gayus under the prison will be sure authorities. Gayus is sentenced to seven years jail and a fine of Rp300 millions.
"It can minimize future terror against him," said Semendawai.
Earlier, requested Gayus LPSK protection of him of his intention to light topics on tax mafia offer.
Gayus testified sessions during several Court earlier that he worked for a number of Taxmen in the Directorate-General for taxes.
For the moment the corruption eradication Commission (: a handheld computer) are looking in his wealth as regards the case. In addition: A handheld computer called links to Gayus reports on 151 companies strongly suspected to the Ministry of Finance on file.

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