NFL: Haynesworth accused of sex abuse

Albert Haynesworth lawyer called the indictment "disappointing, sad and a difficult case" to prove.NEW: Haynesworth denies the prosecution accused by his LawyerTackle, set to graphic symbols 10Prosecutors can say footballer stroked waitress

Washington (CNN) --Fußballspieler Albert Haynesworth has offense have been accused of sexual abuse, the waitress in a Washington hotel bar.

A defensive tackle for the Washington of Redskins, allegedly a credit card below put Haynesworth, 29, the front of the server dress and fondled her breast, according to prosecutors. Court papers identify not the waitress but say the incident at 2 pm on 13 February in one on the roof lounge at the W Hotel has happened in the morning.

An indictment was returned jury in the superior court for the District of Columbia Tuesday by a Grand. A prosecution is planned for May 10.

According to a press release, Haynesworth could face up to 180 days in jail and a maximum fine of $1,000 if convicted.

Haynesworth's Defender, A. Scott Bolden, called the indictment "disappointing, sad and a difficult case for the Government to prove."

"The prosecution only a fee, no conviction", Bolden said. "And in fact my client maintains his innocence because he is innocent." "We continue to vigorously these fees to fight, and I fully expect him of any wrongdoing be free."

Earlier this year Haynesworth was indicted also attack on a driver after a traffic in Reston, Virginia.


NFL: Haynesworth accused of sex abuse