UNDP Chief to observe Indonesian development

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) administrator Helen Clark pays starting a three-day visit in Indonesia - highlight on Wednesday - development agenda of Indonesia in the next five years, with particular reference to their most important initiatives and reforms address environmental aspects.

"High level meetings in the capital and website visits Central Kalimantan also on critical issues such as climate change, decentralization and growth with social justice, will focus", UNDP said in its statement to VIVAnews.

The trip to Kalimantan on their first day in Indonesia are talks with local officials and a discussion with the communities on their needs and participation in reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD +) projects.  The Governments signed a letter of intent for more than $1 billion in grants are provided by Norway and Indonesia, to support the protection of forests in Indonesia. The pilot chose Kalimantan province for the national REDD plan.

Clark, the former Prime Minister of New Zealand, to discuss meeting with senior officials in Jakarta, a number of topics related to Indonesia's national priority concerns and UNDP role in supporting the country in achieving the Millennium development goals and accelerating the development in less-favoured regions.

The meetings include talks with Armida Alisjahbana, Minister for national development agency planning and Kuntoro Mangkusubroto, Chairman of UKP4 and Chairman of REDD + task force, among other things.

Clark also deliver a keynote address for the company for Environment Forum, this is a Conference, is to explore the possibilities for the private sector solutions and services for a clean economy and carbon future.  A youth dialogue with Indonesian students discover ways that encourage young people and environmental sustainability can be managed.

You are also a UNDP supported project of a local community organization, Mitra Sehati in West Bekasi, provides the civic and voter education visit marginalized groups, including female sex workers. The administrator will travel to Turkmenistan after their trip to Indonesia.

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UNDP Chief to observe Indonesian development