Thursday, May 26, 2011

Barca, better Man Utd in the battle of Champions

Alex Ferguson: on the edge of the backup of the English Premier League title to Manchester United.
Manchester United and Barcelona within a point of the English Premier League and Spanish Primera Division title-clinching moved this weekend.
These two teams are now clearly the best on the planet and should guarantee a fantastic Champions League final in this month. So far, which will come up no doubt that it will be the Spanish giants to lift the trophy at Wembley Stadium.
If line up with the team before recently Chelsea in the Champions League and the premier to beat League, United, they have no chance. There are a few reasons why I think this, and the most important is the quality of their midfield.
There is no way their Quartet of Antonio Valencia, Park JI-Sung, Michael Carrick and Ryan Giggs with Barcelona can compete. They can well enough to Chelsea, come by, which can probably boast the best midfielder in England, were but they are grown with the speed and accuracy of Barca's passing in the title game.
Let's break it down. I give the central midfield partnership of Carrick and Giggs has been good so far and has, which surprised me. Thought to be honest, this pairing was a game of chance by Alex Ferguson and that it would pay, especially against Chelsea. But I have been wrong. Of course it helped that neither Frank Lampard or Michael Essien close to their top form, but still, I recommend both United players for setting the tone in the play against the Blues.
However, until now, they are as good as they were getting still nowhere close to have the ability to threaten the physical presence or the tempo, Barcelona.
There is no doubt Ryan Giggs is a legend. Recently, he was the oldest player to score in the Champions League and his career has been nothing spectacular. In addition, his influence in the games against Chelsea and Schalke in the k.o. phase of the Champions League was amazing. Barcelona are a step too far for the 37-year-old, but. He is about to fight, in Wembley Stadium. He has effectively the endurance in this position not in the final just play.
Giggs role would be facilitated if it rough and ready had a tougher player behind him - midfielder with a passion for making great tackles. Carrick is not that player. The England International has impressed me recently with version, but he is still an average player. It's like an engine, which has only one gear and I see him always by Xavi, Sergio Busquets and Andrés Iniesta in the Centre of the Park engulfed.
Last but not least, we take a look at the wings. Park and Valencia are two hard-working player, have again proved that they are extremely reliable, but as far as I'm concerned they are not good are enough to Barcelona's defence problems. You do not have the ability or the explosion of pace, you need to get past Dani Alves or Eric Abidal. United need not more than only consistency from their wing to threaten their opponents, and they go, to get it out of the park or Valencia.
So there is a hope for Ferguson's side in the final? Yes, it is natural. Their central defensive partnership of Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic is probably the best on the planet and inspired with a Wayne Rooney, everything is possible. However, the Premier League Giants must change their tactics if they want to have a chance against Barcelona at Wembley Stadium.
So would I do?
I would definitely go for a 4-3-3 formation. In midfield, I would choose Anderson to play behind the central midfield partnership of Carrick and Giggs. The Brazilian would some resilience, physical presence and fresh legs Barcelona passers-by to hunt Add. He would also Giggs give a bit more freedom to attack his energy, instead of defending to use.
Up front, I would with Nani on the right side, Javier Hernandez on the left side and Rooney in the middle. Chicharito and Rooney could switch positions often during the game, and with this line-up, you would have three players who all could make a difference in individual situations and a trio, all running pace with Barca's back line.
This is my request. What is the largest manager of all time? We will soon find enough.


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