Dichten Rauch behindert Flüge in Riau

"The smoke was very thick." "Visibility is only 150 m from our observation."

still Pekanbaru Riau influenced thick haze from forest fire. Last week, the city covered despite the reduction in hot spots, dense smoke significantly.

Head of the Pekanbaru Agency of meteorology, climatology and Geophysics, Marzuki, said that visibility in Pekanbaru was only 150 meters on Friday morning. "The smoke was very thick this morning." From our observation, the visibility is only 150 metres, "Marzuki said VIVAnews.com."

This condition is not only due to the thick haze, but also the high humidity. "The short visibility lasts only until 8 pm." Now, the visibility reaches 3 km, "said he."

According to based on satellite observation tends to be set to reduce Marzuki, hot spots in Riau. "There are 45 points in the Sumatra where nine of them are in Riau." In the meantime, the temperature goes on normally at 32.7 Celsius, "said Marzuki."

The poor visibility in Pekanbaru Sultan Syarif Kasim II had interrupted schedules in Pekanbaru airport. "Garuda and Lion Air, which were scheduled to fly"
Their flights must delay Jakarta at 7 am, for more than 30 minutes, "said Pekanbaru airport duty manager SSK II, Gurit Setiawan."


Dichten Rauch behindert Flüge in Riau