Djokovic's dream year shows no signs of slowing down

Novak Ðokovic runs on an incredible 2011 with 32 of straight WINS to his name.

As Pete Sampras large track number 14 won, I thought, no one would ever break the record. Then came Roger Federer.

If I thought the Swiss Maestro was the undisputed greatest of all time, along came Rafael Nadal.

If I thought the Federer/Nadal rivalry would be the best in a generation, Novak Djokovic came.
It seems that men's tennis is only getting better and more interesting every year!

Since the death of Seve Ballesteros on Saturday morning which is word ' inspirational ' used frequently in the sports world. He was a golfer, who managed to capture the imagination of any observed. Maybe it was his good looks, maybe it was his tremendous talent, maybe it was his imagination. Seve take shots that no one else would.

Seve had something special and Djokovic also has it. The Serbian focused yet entertaining; brilliant, still normal. Although it is not clear, he comes on as if he is just like the rest of us.

And he has personality in spades. Think of this hilarious impressions, the by his fellow tennis stars? Yes, he made some flak from fellow players, but the fans loved it, and Djokovic knew when enough was enough.

It is because has done an incredible ad on a biplane and organized the 'football game for Japan' all while he on a sensational tennis run win him one seen world rankings six titles and edge closer to the point.

Novak sets victory over Rafa Nadal at the aptly named magic box in Madrid was particularly impressive as it ended the Spaniard 37 of straight WINS on clay and his own streak extended 32 victories in 2011. If you're wondering, only John McEnroe has started a season better. At the beginning of 1984, he won 42 consecutive games.

The Serbian white now, that if he wins the Rome masters and Rafa reach semifinals then be number one - and it one of the French Open begins as world number.

Modest Rafa, winner of last year French open, Wimbledon and the US Open title, and to defend, with all of these points is already sent to the fact it by, namely Djokovic is passed: "this number is a ranking not in Gefahrdie number one is already gone."

Novak has come an awful long way. At one point not too long ago, Novak was together in the second level with Andy Murray and title were held between Rafa and Roger.

But now, thanks to a new confidence high gluten-free diet, an incredible fitness level, and dizziness, he has become that a to beat and so far this year, no one has managed to do it.


Djokovic's dream year shows no signs of slowing down