French talent drain no reason for black and white approach

Laurent Blanc was rocked French football recently in the middle of a race quota row.

French football was recently a racial quota row which exposed to saw a governing body of football and interrogated shaken coach Laurent Blanc from the country's Sports Ministry.

Both men were at a meeting where was discussed a limit on the number of black and Arab players in the nation training academies introduction. A recording of the meeting has been leaked to a Web site and the rest, as they say, is history.

Blanc was any wrongdoing in the subsequent investigation by the French Football Federation (FFF), showing with the governing body, that it renewed its "full confidence" in the coach of Les Bleus had instead deleted. Blanc Himsef allowed with language, the "offensive, to some sensitivities." may have been

For me, there were two issues behind the headlines that deserve further analysis. The first talent leave as an outflow of youth it before its to stop potential in the national team. This second as merit Trump should always race.

At a meeting rather than in November last year, French football officials their frustration over the number of players with foreign roots expressed, that - after shown promise to the nation's top then turned academies - the back France, decide to play instead for countries, where her parents were born.

It is a simple economic by FFF here put forward argument: If a nation invested resources in development it young talented players, of which there are many France in the field of youth, is fair to loyalty in return expect. The hope would be that they do not turn their backs on the system, the them of benefits.

Sébastien Bassong is such a player, that FFF regret lost to have. The 24-year-old Cameroonian parents was born in France. He showed promise as a footballer and Academy, was enrolled in the Clairefontaine probably the best of the country. He got decided accommodation and meals to play for the indomitable Lions benefited the best infrastructure in France, France on various youth tournaments, represented, but when the time came, pick a country.

Is the country in which you call your own, often a decision by heart, and who to make Bassong of the grounds in question? However argues the FFF were there too many cases like Bassong's, where nurtured talent in a French Academy, on the other shore at senior level represent leave had.

This development can also be done, and that is not only France but the idea that quote could solve a heinous thought a race.

The only factor to the people for national award should merit, not the color of their skin are addressed. In particular, bearing in mind that racial tensions in the national team and in France has spread long was a problem at the top of the news agenda.

This idea should not have discussed. By you to a theme everyday conversation within the coaching team was only a matter of time before it created controversy, as it as leaked.

I think the system needs to change. For example, if a player in a national training program begins, should he have represent a contract with that country on senior level sign. In this way it would be no grey areas and no hurt feelings. When a young player unsure he wanted to do what, he should try then, the development support of somewhere else to get. I believe this would it fair for everyone.

What is strange that a race odds even in a country like France would be discussed. Their League is one which seem to the most multicultural in the world, where players from their former colonies in Africa prosper. In addition, the national team has a great story of stars with foreign roots. In the squad for the 1998 World Cup, had selected more than half of the player by Aimé Jacquet parents in countries outside of France was born.

Perhaps, a way is for it to reform systems in France and elsewhere, so that the amount of the Fed talent being lost is minimized front for Academy. But what should be absolute is that no one treated that selection as a game with numbers, white and black balance.

French talent drain no reason for black and white approach