Huge crowds honor John Paul II in Rome

Beatification of Pope John Paul llNEW: more than one million pilgrims remember the late Pope, police of SaySurvivors of sex abuse by priests calling the event "Callous" and vows ProtestJohn Paul II blood appears before the faithful in a specially designed ReliquaryThe Catholic Church is the late Pope "blessed be declare" one step below Holiness

katholischen believers from around the world on Sunday as the Catholic Church in Rome cast declared Pope John Paul II "blessed," one step below Holiness.

Cheers existed as Pope Benedict XVI personally his predecessor, beatified and a huge tapestry protrait of John Paul II was unveiled, shows him as a healthy, strong and relatively young man early was in his papacy.

A bottle of John Paul II was blood before the crowds, placed, which were expected, the largest in the Vatican since the late Pope's funeral in 2005 be.

The blood, but never used taken, doctors during his last illness for possible transfusion of him, was displayed in a specially designed silver reliquary.

Next came Anfragen--first in English and then Polnisch--, that people put down their banners and flags, and pray in the background.

"In the sky is a very different firmly among the angels and holy place!" Benedict said in his sermon.

The current Pope against the many who play credit to the Polish born Pope with a key role in the defeat of communism, say, that he "with the strength of a Titanen--a strength." enabled, the referred to it by God-a flood came the irreversible published

John Paul II made a pilgrimage to his homeland, then part of Soviet-dominated Communist bloc, shortly after his election in 1978, and an estimated one-third of the entire nation turned out to see him. "Not afraid," he did exhort them.

Poland's Solidarity Union soon to jump, and was organized and powerful anti-communist movement in the Soviet bloc. Many commentators, John Paul said the movement, helped inspire the Communist Government in 1989 ultimately rushed.

John Paul II path to holiness

Benedict on Sunday praised John Paul's iron will to his physical decline later in his life, said: "the Lord away him and everything, but he remained ever a ' Rock' as Christ desired."

More than a million pilgrims in Rome turned out, was announced by the police. Many in the crowds waved Polish flags and holding pictures, Archbishop of Krakow in Poland before the election of Pope John Paul II.

The President of Italy and Poland under 16 heads of State to the ground, in addition to seven Prime Ministers, were, the Vatican said.

There were also large crowds in Krakow for the event, where at least 50,000 people braved pouring rain in the sanctuary of mercy in Lagiewniki.

For those who couldn't make it to Rome or to Krakow, the Vatican created a special Twitter-feed for the @ Pope2YouVatican event. It started a Facebook page for it, and live streamed it on iPhones and iPads by

Visit more countries than any previous Pope and the first Pope of outside Italy in 450 years, John Paul II was the third longest reigning Pope in history.

Catholics honour John Paul II in Bucharest, Romania

The Vatican suggests that he personally was seen by more than any other in human history, between his 104 foreign trips, the approximately 17 million pilgrims which visited weekly audience with him in the Vatican of his long reign, and the millions more, which it saw special events in Rome.

You have Pope John Paul II encounter?

There were calls after his immediate canonization when he died, with masses "Santo subito," or "Saint now."

But the late Pope has critics and supporters, especially among those who to do it not enough to stop the abuse of children by Catholic clergy accuse.

The survivors network of those abused by priests (SNAP) sworn, 70 churches in seven countries Callingthe fast-tracking the high priest of Holiness protest Sunday, "a callous PR Juggernaut in honor of the man, of a large part of the ongoing crisis in the Chair."

But John Paul II former spokesman, Joaquin Navarro-Valls, CNN said that he had no doubt would have been he in the presence of a Saint.

Navarro-Valls quoted not only the Pope's devotion to prayer, but his concern for others, pointing out that when the Pope called him after the death of his father, his first question was: "How is your mother?"

He remembered also the Pope's informal, say that he sometimes had to remember he was in the presence of the Pope.

And he said to the Pope to his "good humor" at the age of 80, retains its important in view of the Office and his physical suffering, "Holiness to me."

The Pope's photographer

John Paul II was fast track to beatification, when he died in 2005, and is "blessed" John Paul II barely six years after his Tod--the fastest beatification in centuries.

Navarro-Valls rejected the idea that the process was moving too fast, history of Judge John Paul II said canonization take centuries to be.

"As soon as the virtues are clear, wait why?" asked he.

For the beatification, a person must be credited to a miracle of the Catholic Church. Benedict decided in the last year, that John Paul II, French nun of Parkinson's disease was cured after his death in a wonderful way. The Pope himself suffered from the condition.

The nun, sister Marie-Simon-Pierre, one of the two nuns, had brought the silver reliquary with the blood of Benedict after John Paul II was beatified. Sister Tobiana budget working in the late Pope, was the other.

The blood is still liquid, because doctors of anti-Coagulents are added when it was included.

The Catholic tradition venerated Saints physical bleibt-- known as Reliquien--extends to the earliest days of the Church.

Chicago family loans Pope John Paul II with personal miracles

John Paul II was from his coffin tomb also removed and is on display for the faithful to worship this weekend.

John Paul II would have to be to Saint, run a second miracle.

The man called John Paul II, Archbishop of Valencia in Spain his died on the eve of the beatification of the Archdiocese announced Sunday.

Agustín García-Gasco, which later was promoted to Cardinal by Pope Benedict XVI, was found dead at the age of 80, in his room in Rome, which observed preparations for the beatification of the night before.CNN's John L. All, Jr., Hada Messia, Diana Magnay, per Nyberg and Richard Allen Greene contributed to this report.


Huge crowds honor John Paul II in Rome