Indonesia Garuda not investigated scandal still

Garuda Indonesia President Director said the purchase Garuda "Quantum leap" is one.

Minister of the State-owned enterprises (SOEs) Mustafa Abubakar, claimed that no reports of PT Garuda Indonesia aircraft procurement for alleged fund misappropriation carried out.

No reports [are still], he said on Wednesday.

Garuda Union previously had an official report of the corruption eradication Commission on alleged corruption Garuda aircraft procurement filed. The Trade Union put on the House of representatives due to unresponded claims several reports of the judicial Commission.

As of February 2011 PT Garuda Indonesia Tbk received three new aircraft from Airbus 330-200 types and nine other 737-800 NG of Boeing.

Garuda Indonesia President Director, Emrisyah Satar, said that the purchase of Garuda "Quantum leap" is one of vision. Garuda plans to own 153 aircraft by 2015 the 737-800 NG, ER is A330-200 and B777-300.

Pujobroto, Garuda Indonesia Corporate Secretary, wanted evidence of suspicion, that the national airline committed embezzlement. He said the company always forward e-procurement method, a solution to corruption anticipate offset.

"We are the pioneer of the programme, in fact", said Pujobroto.


Indonesia Garuda not investigated scandal still