Indonesia receives US$ 38.7 bn to April

the Government income and Rp331 donation received in the first four months of the year 2011,. 1 trillion, 30 percent of the targeted 2011 State budget.

Over the same period 2010, has been an increase of 19.8 per cent, or Rp54. 8 trillion, included.

"Gained the amount of domestic income and donation is to later than 2010," Anny Ratnawati said Deputy Finance Minister, on Thursday.

Data from the Ministry of finance shows that tax income Rp262. 6 billion or 30.9% of the State budget targeted 2011 achieved. International trade in the value of Rp18. 1 trillion tax and largest tax income was by domestic tax of Rp244. 5 trillion contributed.

In the meantime not tax state income hit within the first four months in the year 2011 Rp68. 4 trillion. Non-oil - and gas resources lined in highest State does not tax income of Rp6. 5 trillion.

In terms of expenditure, Anny said the Government Rp279. 6 trillion or 22.7 per cent of the allocated budget.

You realized Government expenditure recorded Rp161 trillions or 19,25 per cent of the allocated budget. Employment expenditure reached Rp51. 7 trillion, were achieved Rp16. 4 trillion.


Indonesia receives US$ 38.7 bn to April