Indonesia uninformed hostages conditions

Indonesian Minister of Defense, said that no messages to the Government in terms of the conditions of 13 Indonesian hostages by Somali pirates on board a vessel Singapore, MT Gemini was redirected.

"In the end, I think they propose will ransom demand," he said on Friday.

Purnomo had on the subject of piracy with the Singapore discussed authority. Singapore has provide yet another answer.

Somali pirates of control of the ship on Tanzania seized waters on 30 April 2011. The Singapore authorities need to acquire more updates on the conditions of the ship and its crew.

"Details the pirated ship not yet, been", said Minister of Foreign Affairs Marty NATALEGAWA earlier last month.

Marty would nevertheless declared Indonesia contacts tend to the Singapore authorities in an effort to accumulate all the information of the hostages.


Indonesia uninformed hostages conditions