Indonesians protest working conditions

Workers wear a fake coffin as the Presidential Palace March in direction while the May 1 higher minimum wages and an end to the OutsourcingSome call rally in Jakarta.Protesters pressure towards the Presidential Palace and set of tyres for FireThousands workers protest every year on 1 may

Jakarta, Indonesia (CNN) --Arbeitnehmer clogged the streets of the Indonesian capital on Sunday, singing "Wages, land and jobs", and demand the resignation of President and Vice President.

Protesters rallies in Jakarta, clashed with the police during the may day as they their way toward the Presidential Palace pushed. When workers heavily guarded reaches the front of the Palace, they burned tires.

At least 66 labor groups joined the protests, according to Syawal Harahap, an Indonesian Metalworkers' Union official.

Organizers had already said that about 50,000 workers would take part, although it was unclear, turned out how many demonstrators.

The workers demanded higher minimum wages an end outsourcing of companies, trade union rights and the implementation of one already decided the social security scheme for all Indonesians.

Thousands of workers hold protests fight each year on 1 may, and often with security personnel in the vicinity of the Presidential Palace.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was not in the Palace as protesters reached its entrance. He was planned to visit two factories outside of Jakarta.

Demonstrators called for the resignations of Yudhoyono and Vice President Boediono.

Indonesia has no national minimum wage. Regional Governments set the minimum wage in their own provinces and districts.

About 7,000 police officers were used to Jakarta for rallies on Sunday, police said.


Indonesians protest working conditions