Lennon intimidation has no place in football

Neil Lennon, the Manager of Celtic Football Club, was by a fan of the opposition in the final SPL game hit.

The alleged attack on Celtic manager Neil Lennon, during a 3-0 victory over Scottish Premier League rivals heart of Midlothian on Wednesday, led to change in a nation so proudly calls his football heritage.

European champion in 1967 and one of the two giant clubs in the "old firm" in addition to Rangers, Celtic Glasgow are to play only a point from the top of the League with a game left. But the highlight of what certainly a dramatic end of the season, as Celtic hunt their arch-rival, has been overshadowed unsavoury scenes.

Lennon's Club statement an on Thursday by Scottish society as a whole to address "fundamental and serious issues" questions after confirming that another package with ammunition to the team's home ground was sent and removed by the police. Finally, it is not the first time that Lennon has been subjected to such measures.

In January another package with bullets caught addressed to Lennon in Northern Ireland. There followed in March which police as two "viable parcel bombs" were also stopped are sent to the football coach, before you reach your goal.

This was that monitoring by the perceived threat their Manager under 24-hour at a time when Celtic confirmed. Football is a game that stirs the souls of many fans around the world, but it is rare, such high-stakes escalate. And more the pity that now has it.

It is fair to say that Scotland and Glasgow had a history of sectarian fighting. The friction between Celtic - a club geared traditionally Catholic and Rangers, a page Protestant and British and Irish sentiment - one is proud of her heritage as partisan as passionate as it is,.

It is this tribalism, which the Glasgow Derby of the most exciting atmospheres in club football world, but it is also the same schism, resulting in its extreme, strong to the violence and tension.

And tensions have certainly raised in the last times. European football governing body UEFA fined Rangers $118,000 in April for the sectarian songs his fans during a fight with Dutch PSV Eindhoven and imposed ban on ticket sales for a game.

The 39-year-old Lennon is certainly a fiery figure, which is more than capable without the background which is the historic rivalry between Rangers and Celtic Glasgow, controversy.

Lennon angered many Rangers fans earlier this season, when he in a mocking way towards waving supporters in response after Celtics draw 0-0 in the Ibrox.

Before the game with heart, were interested in also about Lennon, show that his will was unbowed in the light of the recent provocation. He told reporters: "the fact that I to on a football field foot a lot seems to provoke people." "Only my very presence - so I not much the juice flow to get to do." How right he proved to be.

Real of Madrid's Jose Mourinho is also controversial, but he needs not security guards to protect him threats against death. The fact remains that what ever the historical context of Scottish football, however the rivalry between two very tribal clubs and not matter how provocative a sign Lennon I - no coach should have, to go on a pitch out of fear for his life and well being.

Many would, if he went to escape the line of fire, but sure football governing bodies and do more politicians, could be to ensure that football is played in an environment you forgive Lennon, where can a man, the passionate about the game declared his religion and continue to work without fear of retribution.


Lennon intimidation has no place in football