Military personnel allegedly attack police

Military police detachment of Pekanbaru, Riau, arrested 10 staff of the Indonesian army, which allegedly involved attacks on the Kampar police were station, Riau. While they were suspected of letting go of the burglary truck driver, the previously illegal logs from the Kampar police prison transports.

"We collect evidence." Commander of the military police detachment of Pekanbaru, Lieut. Colonel Sain Musta'in said in question provided are "VIVAnews, on Friday."

Earlier, dozens of men claimed is truck driver of the prison when the Indonesian army appeared at Kampar police station and brought in custody.

You set fire to chairs and tables on the scene.

Deputy Head of the Kampar police, come. Alps, said that the driver not relevant documents about the protocols is distributed was arrested.


Military personnel allegedly attack police