New double track railway built soon be

coordination of the Minister of State-owned enterprises (SOEs) Mustafa Abubakar vowed that double-track rail link Jakarta with Surabaya are construction before 2013.

"Twin-track railway line for Jakarta-Surabaya route develop before 2013, we will be", Mustafa said on Friday.

As reported by a consortium of SOEs, double-tracked railway of 780 kilometres on Rp6 should soon on Jakarta-Surabaya. 5 trillion budget to work.

The Consortium consists of PT Kereta API (KAI), PT Jasa Marga Tbk (JSMR) and other State-owned enterprises. The estimated funds for the project is lower than the subsidies prepared by the Government in the value of Rp9 trillions in amount.

Indonesia have only a few double-track railways, add the Jakarta Cirebon and Kutoarjo-Yogyakarta-solo in the list.


New double track railway built soon be