No way José, you gone too far this time


Mourinho is an ironic thumbs until after Pepe was sent to officials.

For broadcasters around the world, the Royal Wedding is week - but love has spread to Spain. And the histrionics of Jose Mourinho: another night can not conceal that his team are real Madrid just not as good as Barcelona.

Regular Mourinho observers are used to see him hog limelight. It is a managerial tactics, alleviate the pressure on his team and is part of the reason why he has won trophies in Portugal, England and Italy Cabinet burst numbers.

But Jose is toxic verbal attack on UEFA, several referees and Barca after Wednesday night Champions League defeat by real Catalan rivals finally a step too far.

Although Barcelona enjoyed 72% ownership and 140 passes, known as Los Blancos 593 to Real Madrid coach team be 2-0 defeat "a scandal." He railed against Barca's influence in UEFA, he felt that say "disgusted life in this world."

Mourinho has now crossed the gap between master of mind games and crazy Ranter.

His theatrical silence at a press conference last week prompted a furnished by the Spanish media. And its incite PEP Guardiola, on the eve of this match, led by Barcelona coach, unusually his cool, twice losing swearing on live television.

Governing body UEFA European football is certainly far more respond to Mourinho's latest outbreak.

He is already prohibited the return leg at the Camp Nou stadium of Barcelona and, at 2-0 down, Mourinho even Real Madrid was "impossible" with the label a comeback.

If this prohibition is extended to sideline that a promising for Los Merengues decay is - season - with only after the arrival of their high announced Portuguese boss show King's Cup.

In a sense, José managed to. Many post match will be headlines about his latest mega moan. Buried deep in the articles the fact the one be bad mood, boring match in the dying minutes through a moment of football genius has been saved: Lionel Messi second goal, his 52nd of the season.

The beauty of his breathtaking dribble and Mourinho's should have offset media crafts strike the game. It has not. And that is a shame as one of the real coach more wild accusations.


No way José, you gone too far this time