Police arrest familiar terrorist Chief

The national police arrested a man claimed as an associate of SIGIT Hermawan Wijayanto aka SIGIT Qurdowi, head of the Hisbah team network, provider of weapons and explosives to the Cirebon terrorist cell.

"He is probably a familiar SIGIT", said Police spokesman Chief come. Boy Rafli Amar, on Wednesday.

Boy said JM initialled the fears of the man found in Jalan Adisumarmo, Colomadu, Karanganyar, Central Java. JM is strong to SIGIT Qurdowi cell and the mosque bombing a Cirebon police last month composite bound.

"He gave the bullets the Dody (the dead guard of the SIGIT) has given" boy said. Dody was also a Messenger with bullets from Musola, an other suspected terrorists who had been captured in the Cirebon, West Java.

Further investigation is aimed at the past of bullet distribution. Police will monitor the original sources of the balls.

SIGIT Qurdowi was shot last week, to death during a RAID in the Sukoharjo, Central Java, in which claimed the life of Hendro Yunianto.

Police broke into the House of sigit's parents at Jalan Arjuna, Potrojayan, Serengan, solo, Central Java. Police seized several evidence including 15 porn of VCDs from the scene.

"[We found also] 91 books on Jihad;" War clothes, 36 pieces; organic fertilizers 8 lbs, motorcycle plates and two underpants, "said head of the police public relations Division, General Anton Bahrul Alam programming examples, on Monday."


Police arrest familiar terrorist Chief