Ruined 41,000 hectare National Park area

 the Agency for Kerinci and Seblat National Park (BBTNKS), that 41,303 hectares of woodland are seriously damaged. to extend and critical in this National Park is damaged. The highest proportion of Deforestatoion takes place in Jambi province.

"Ground check box results and data updates show that forest damage reached 28,255 hectares,", said II of West Sumatra, John Askar, in Padang Chief of national park area.

According to John, is this special damage of national parks in four provinces: West Sumatra, Jambi, Bengkulu and South Sumatra. In West Sumatra, 3,520 hectares covers the damage.

Bengkulu and South Sumatra reached the damage level in any field 6,470 hectares and hectares of 3,058. The damage is located in West Sumatra, the immediate rehabilitation is District of 500 hectares in Solok district 185 hectares, South Solok district of 380 hectares and Dharmasraya.

Forest degradation in the National Park consists of wild life. It is feared that it will affect also Sumatera tiger population in the Park.

Not less than 25 percent of the Sumatera tiger population inhabit the area. Basis of the Ministry of forest data, Sumatran tiger population today remains the only 400, 12 percent of the
entire Tigers around the world.

The national park covers a total 1,389 million hectare increase in four provinces in Sumatra, which is divided into six regional zones: main zone, wild zone, zone, load zone, special zone and traditional zone. The main zone covers 53.6 per cent of the total area.


Ruined 41,000 hectare National Park area