Spain's Golf Maestro reminds


CNN's Don Riddell with Seve on Tenerife in the year 2005.

We all have our heroes, men or women who have inspired or talk. Very few of us are able to meet these people, still less can say that they close saw their genius and charisma.

I think me so incredibly happy not only Seve Ballesteros have taken, but Golf have played with him to the start went with have a fairway beside him, talking with and tips from a man who transcends his sport and an indelible mark on you.

Towards the end of 2005, Seve was planning a comeback. He was golf courses design, but this was not enough to scratch the itch. He missed the thrill of the chase and the roar of the masses on a Sunday afternoon and was therefore, that I got the opportunity, meet him in December in Tenerife.

Unfortunately Seve was late run, and he said he was too tired, to an interview in the afternoon record. All he wanted to do was to relax the golf course. We would be nothing, when we were playing an interview, fact as we? Would we not? Of course not!

Dithering over a range of clubs and pray that I was doing so I found myself on the tea, in addition to a living legend, not to make a fool of me. Seve could have handled better, isn't it. He gave me some tips, also gave me his rider and was very free, when I tapped on the fairway.

Seve won 87 in an illustrious career, lifting the jug claret at the Open Championship three times and create the jacket twice at the masters. He was the driving force in the European golf, leads a revival in the Ryder Cup and help to the European tour as a global force to establish.

Seve was a pioneer and he loved barriers. He was not the most popular man in America, when he began their tournaments win but he loved hearing the taunts in the locker-room, "here the Spaniard comes, to take our money!"

But it was not only the cheques, the he banked or the title which he won. It was won as he. Seve often the panoramic road to the hole took, that take other pictures could not have presented even with skill, that no one else had.

As we that green approached in Tenerife, I discovered that my ball came to rest to only a few inches of a stone wall. A shot to the Green was not possible and I ready, back side tap it on the fairway. Seve had none of this; He grabbed the wedge of my hand, turned his back and it to the hole against the wall - lined on the green. With a shrug of the shoulders, he returned my club. This was pure Seve. Creative, daring, HMS brilliant.

Comeback came Seve's tragically never too much, and within a few years he was involved in what he when you described the toughest fight of his career. Four operations and a bout of chemotherapy was no match for the cancerous tumor on his brain and he died at the age of only 54.

He told me that he recalls as a man be, who gladly would "for Justice and for freedom fought". Now that he has come to pass, he will be remembered for so much more. Seve Ballesteros inspired, entertained, and true size reached. There will never be another and he will sorely.


Spain's Golf Maestro reminds