Yemeni power transfer deal in limbo

New: President Saleh party "has no problem signing" the business, a party of official SaysNEW: Returns the head of the Gulf Cooperation Council Sanaa within 72 HoursHe would abruptly interrupted a meeting Saturday, after Saleh made last-minute DemandsAn opposition official says it does not send figures to Riyadh and says Saleh is disingenuous,

a key outside broker is back to Yemen this week in the hope of the ruling party of official said Sunday's power transfer to save the deal, which aimed, months to end turmoil in the Middle Eastern nation, a senior.

Members of the Gulf Cooperation Council, a regional coalition, which helped the Pact, brokers work this week on a solution to the crisis, according to the official. To do this, include a trip to Sanaa by the Group Secretary General he abruptly left a meeting Abdullatif Al-Zayani with President Ali Abdullah Saleh Saturday and appeared angry as he walked by reporters on the way to his plane, according to official in Saleh of the General People's Congress senior party.

The official said "Al Zayani in the Yemen in the next 72 hours in an effort to which the GCC proposal to convince to end the crisis and to subscribe to both sides", party.

Al-Zayani this visit cut short after Saleh last-minute requests to move the Pact signed by Riad Sanaa and his insistence that he would sign it in his capacity as leader of the ruling party and not as President.

Sunday should be a key day in the process with Saleh and opposition to go Guide to Saudi Arabia, to sign the initiative, the they in principle at a meeting of Gulf Cooperation Council Member State Minister for Foreign Affairs had agreed to. State media in the United Arab Emirates reported that Foreign Minister am beltle Sheikh Abdullah Zayed Al Nahyan in Riyadh on Sunday for this amenities-head arrived, although he is from Yemeni figures centrally to the deal was connected not.

The agreement provides that Saleh transfer power and let Office 30 days after signing it. In addition immunity for him and that his regime and calls for a unity Government seven days are made served.

But, during his meeting with Al-Zayani on Saturday, Saleh said a representative of his party and he personally would go to Riyadh. A ruling party of official said that the President feared that a coup take place, he could leave the nation.

The leader of the joint meeting invited Parties of the country's largest opposition bloc, to deny North fly self-is it sign to any potential deal or even take part in the briefing of Foreign Ministers from the region.

"President Saleh is not willing to sign the GCC proposal, there is no reason for the trip to Riyadh (opposition)." We went to characters and nothing else, "said the official opposition, which has no power to speak with the media."

The official added, "confirmation of GCC is the opposition not to travel until we get the Saleh will sign, and has decided, all points of the proposal."

But later Sunday, official was General Congress Saleh and his party remain committed to the agreement.

"The ruling party was pleased no problem signing of the GCC proposal and President Saleh it has more than once," the official said.

And according to Saba, Yemen State News Agency, Saleh himself indicated that he wanted to agreement in talks with United Arab Emirates President Khalifa Zayad bin carried out "as a whole" Nahyan al.

An official on Sunday senior opposition accused Saleh try, the agreement, in particular with his insistence he sign but officially to torpedo the agreement as a party not Government.

"He who claims to Yemen's President for 33 years," said Sultan Atwani, a senior official of the joint meeting Parties. "And now he wants to deny this fact and to be recognized as head of the ruling party GPC."

The uncertainty about how and when the business can be revived is the impoverished and politically unstable nation continue to shake the massive nationwide protests, which began in February.

Hundreds of thousands of anti-government demonstrators the Saleh poured into the streets of at least 13 provinces of the country on Saturday, all demanding, step down immediately.


Yemeni power transfer deal in limbo