Take, caught on stage robot

Take that singer Mark Owen and Howard Donald both on a stage robot were caught during their concert in the city of Manchester Stadium on the weekend.

The couple were on the stage to the palms of the Group's giant robot man, OM, should be reduced, but the mechanics failed.

It meant that they were festgeklemmtes singing love love 3 m (10 ft) above the rest of the band on Saturday night.

Ladders were used to save Mark Owen, so that he could continue his performance.

Howard Donald had to remember singing for the next singing while still on the robot put in helping to track yourself.

Largest tour

Read a statement by the Group: "the mechanical man heard of love love in motion at the end but the matter was resolved and end of the show he stood tall again."

Howard Donald was on a mechanical robot singing never forget

"There is no guarantee the size of OM, no repeat at some point is it with mechanical structure but all seems well now."

Take that take to the United Kingdom as part of their progress live tour.

The group play come visit with 27 events in Cardiff, Glasgow, Birmingham and London.

The production cost around 15 million £ to put together with the robot in which shows 30 m (100 ft) high, when fully upright uses.

Progress live is the largest ever UK tour and is the first time the five founding members of take that who together since 1995 toured.

You will play almost two million fans across Europe this summer.


Take, caught on stage robot