5 stations with the best architecture

1st Berlin Central Station, Germany.

Berlin Hauptbahnhof is Europe's largest station, Berlin Hauptbahnhof have a very modern building and has a futuristic architecture. The entire construction of this station was completed in 2006. This station has two levels, 14 and 80 are part of the shop that everyone remembers as convenient as possible for visitors because this station is an important railway station in Germany. The building permit is made up of metal and glass, the sunlight into the building

2nd Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, Malaysia.

Station in Malaysia is actually a pretty old train station, the station in ipun pambangunan recently completed in 1920, so do not be surprised if the shape is very stylish building kekuno his old child. But make no mistake, though old-fashioned, yet elegant look of this station. This is because the construction of this building combines western and Malay styles, so that the old idea that just looks more historical and cultural value, and some people just judge, that the station is more suitable when the castle called.

3rd Cable North Park Way, Austria.

North Park cable car is one of the largest stations in Austria, which is located in the city of Innsbruck. The construction of the building architecture Cable Way North Park was designed by architect Zaha Hadid in the studio. Although the roof of the station building was built like an abstract wave shape, but that's the roof, the tasiun adds to this impression of a futuristic train

4th La Gare de Strasbourg, France.

La Gare de Strasbourg, first developed in 1883 by an architect from Berlin named Johann Jacob Thal, then renovated again in 2007. During this renovation, added to the glass frame and glass construction of 120 meters on the outside, it seems that this station is a gem, which, if it seems to be hit by sunlight.

5.Kanazawa Station, Japan.

The first architecture, which can be seen by visitors to this station, a large gate dengahn height of 14 meters as a traditional Japanese style gate is sedngkan in the station, the architecture of the most impressive of the dome, that the part that connects the east covers and west consists of 3,000 glass panels. The station is also available as a station that combines traditional style with wood-metal-based modern architecture is known. 5 stations with the best architecture.


5 stations with the best architecture