Dad says Court of mum evil eye last time he saw his children alive -

A father told, as the last time his ex-partner - were accused of murdering her two children - a glance "absolute evil", that he saw them alive.

Paul Donnison, 48, wept as he told a court in his last moments three and Elise, with Harry, two.

Three days later ex-partner will stifle accused the sleeping Tots as the "ultimate revenge" on her father, who had met someone else Fiona Donnison, 44.

He was allowed to see them with a police escort after they accused him of attacking her. He said: "Harry was in his pajamas." He came over and all around his arms around me.

"Fiona was located a few meters with a face of absolute evil and hatred of them." "The next time he saw it was to identify their bodies in the morgue."

Lewes Crown Court heard how Donnison suffocated the children at her rented house in Lightwater, Surrey, on January 15, 2010. You put the bodies in the trunk of their car and drove 90 miles of the family home in Heathfield, East Sussex.

Leave their bodies in the car she broke into the House and laid in wait for Paul with two knives. It is claimed that she hoped to him kill him and the blame for the Tot deaths. If he does not show up, she cut her wrist, took an overdose of sedatives, then went into a police station and confessed: "I have killed my children."

Mr Donnison told the Court she was "very upset" after they split up and used the children to try to control him. He said: "she knew, the children were my life." "It was the only what, which could hurt me with."

He said she had arrested him on a false domestic violence charge, then tried, breaking "it provoke" in his bail conditions.

He explained the Court, they threatened the House to take away that change children family name and his new girlfriend, saying that he never again would see the children when he slept with her rang.

Cheeks as she tears rolled births spoke of his delight in the tots, after the loss of her first daughter of cot death.

But he said, family life wild mood swings and controlling nature was marred by his partner.

In September 2009 she left with the children, so that a note which said that it was for the "sake of the children". Agreed, their relationship give a last try, but it's not and there he met someone else. Donnison denied murder. The process will continue.

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Dad says Court of mum evil eye last time he saw his children alive -