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An emergency meeting convened today in the wake of the recent violence in North Belfast at Stormont.

The first and Deputy First Minister are to discuss the impact of the rioting to flared an orange order parade in Ardoyne Castle as Chairman of the talks at Stormont.

In a joint statement of OFMDFM, both Ministers led calls to rest on the infamous flash point, which was for the third year as a result of violent scenes on the twelfth dogged.

"Participating in riots must realize that she only results to damage, in their local communities", she said.

"We appeal for calm and ask everyone to think about the consequences of their actions."

On Tuesday, an orgy of violence broke after a feeder parade the Ardoyne shops pass.

Sixteen police injured, raised round more than 50 baton and four water cannons were deployed to the nationalist youths petrol bombs, explosion of bombs and other missiles to suppress rest.

Martin McGuinness, on Monday visited the Ardoyne, added: "People clearly made me, that she wanted to see no violence in their community about the twelfth parade."

"It is disappointing that a small number of people have chosen to ignore their demand and instead went to damage attack the police and the local community."

"There were also a number of other violent incidents in Armagh, Derry, Ballymena."

In the meantime inhabitants and their civic representatives in the Republican enclave "away from the field remain pleaded for riot-hungry young people".

"I would come calling for people not here," said Sinn Fein Gerry Kelly.

"The parade is over." There are no reason for people. "Only the whole thing go on."

A massive clean-Up operation swung into action yesterday in the early morning to at least four cars, a flood of broken stones and a massive metal security door by its been torn hinges on Brompton Road had burnt out to remove.

Shattered glass and other masonry was also scattered on the Crumlin road, which was damaged by heat from torched vehicles.

"If we go no orange parade through a Catholic area, we have the excuse at least would not for what happen," added Mr Kelly.

"We argued are involved with young people not to violence, because it affects people living in this area."

Meanwhile, there was also criticism of the PSNI deal with the situation.

Some residents said they believed that the PSNI would rather a riot in a nationalist area police because they know what to expect.

Cross parish priest, FR Gary Donegan Holy, was on the ground on Tuesday evening, said people police tactics viewed as inflammatory.

He said "People have asked why baton get as early provided plastic round".

"There is criticism of the moderate people." Yes, there were stones was thrown, but it is necessary to provide water cannon and plastic baton rounds?

"We are trying to promote the normalization of policing and there is criticism that the response was disproportionate."

Mary Murphy, lives in the Balholm area, just behind the shops of Ardoyne, her anger was vent among those who are interested in.

"No one two hoots a damn about people here are," she said.

"they are away from each other."

"Look at what happens - such as Holy Cross - not a thing about it was here." And last night (police) were their large jeeps to the wreck of the place.

"We get no help." It is a shame.

"The new Lodge, Ligoniel and Ardoyne have nothing - everywhere else has it all."

An another 68 year old woman, the life at the Estoril Court refused to enter the violence its name out of fear of reprisals, condemned but.

"I am only from hospital and come back to is ridiculous," she said.

"It no point at all." "It is terrible and now look at the State of the area."

During the worst problems in Ardoyne, there were also disorder in South and East Belfast.

Trouble broke out also in parts of Ballymena, Armagh, Strabane, Londonderry and Newry.

Ulster Unionist leader Tom Elliott said it was "regrettable" that celebrate the twelfth were affected by a minority.

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Emergency special session to combat the effects of the riots - Belfast Telegraph