Five die after Mystery explosion in LINCS - Sky News

Lincolnshire Fire and emergency services area manager Steve Moore said: "the first team came and found a very, very hot fire and an accident outside the building suffered burns."

"The initial reaction was that crew, to handle the incident." The second team came and fire-fighting.

"It was very hot very intense fire, so much, so that the steel shutters were strapped."

A total of six fire units were sent after several calls, and thick black smoke was seen coming from the estate.

Police at the Broadfield Lane Industrial Estate in BostonPolice sealed off area in front of investigators arrival

Hydraulic rescue equipment was required to cut their way into the building and once the flames were six firefighters facilities and the victims wear entered found breathing apparatus.

Sky's East of England correspondent Emma Birchley, reporting from the scene, said: "neither the police nor the fire crews to the cause of the incident would speculate."

Speech among locals, the immigrants, however, was running an illegal distillery in the industrial area, at least eight units housed.

Ian Nuttall, who lives 200 metres from the area, said: "it is quite well known that this kind of people are vodka operations and the like."

"I saw make a lot and people walking around and asked me what was going on, when we heard that there was an explosion."

Press the Lincolnshire police officer Nerys McGarry, said: "is there a full forensic investigation of the unit."

Boston, Lincolnshire, where an explosion has killed five menThe explosion was a small industrial estate in Boston

"It is not a large unit but will look at everything that is there and all the products it first a fingertip search throughout the building and were to see that what caused the explosion in this building."

The wounded survivor was first in the Boston Pilgrim hospital and later transferred to the Queens's medical centre in Nottingham.

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Five die after Mystery explosion in LINCS - Sky News