Hacking outrage from selection for BSkyB - Herald Scotland kills

RUPERT Murdoch was finally forced to abandon his lucrative offer for BSkyB in view of the overwhelming political pressure.

The collapse of his attempts to take over, the broadcaster it could cost billions and put large question mark over the future of his media empire.

Although his News Corp. in a statement that he said the right, revive the offer retained, experts believe that it may take years before the storm around the phone, that enough attempt scattered hacker scandal for a second takeover.

David Cameron welcomed decision covered the commandment, to say that he thought that the company had made the "right decision".

The people responsible, however high or low, need no future role in the execution of a media company in our country

Earlier, during a fiery Prime Minister's questions, Mr Cameron said that he had told News Corp that it arm to resign should have accepted the offer by Rebekah Brooks, Chief Executive of his news international newspaper. Their continued employment "Insult" to the phone of hacking victims was, he said.

The Conservative leader met the family of murdered 13-year-old Milly Dowler, whose Telefon was allegedly hacked after their abduction.

This revelation was forced to the catalyst for a wave of public revulsion to the activities of news of the world journalists, who the newspaper close to the company.

His comments the scandal came as he an extensive survey announced in a senior judge, Lord Justice Leveson newspaper executives, politicians and journalists grill is.

He will be asked, certain allegations about illegal behaviour at the news of the world, look at the shortcomings of the original police investigation and allegations of payments to the officers.

But he wears you broader media ethics and the relationship between politicians and newspaper executives.

The investigation is expected "at once", started with a report on the future of the press regulation within a year.

The Coalition is considering also Ministerial code changes that managers would force high-ranking politicians for publishing details of all meetings with media.

Statement of the investigation functions in the House of Commons, Mr Cameron said those found responsible should be excluded for misconduct on the news of the world from future participation in the media industry.

"The people involved whether they were directly responsible for the misconduct sanctioned it or covered, however high or low, that they go - must not only put on trial, they will have no future role in the design of a media enterprise in our country," he said.

News Corp already owns 40% of BSkyB but had hoped to take over the rest of the company.

Analysts believe that their profits will rise in the coming years in the midst of the growing public demand for a larger number of channels and pay-per events.

It is assumed that television as the future with his newspaper a remnant from his last incarnation view arm, particularly if it is less politically influential.

News Corp Deputy Chairman Chase Carey the company dropped the bid said that it clearly, it was "difficult" the deal "in this climate" progress. But the company made clear it would remain a long-term shareholder.

Shares in the broadcaster rallied slightly after the announcement.

They remained however still far below the 850 p, which earlier this month they make on the crest of the hopes of a business.

Last night of MPs support a labour movement to condemn the takeover plans without the need for a vote.

Some coalition of MPs predicted that yesterday's announcement followed much wider than just the BSkyB deal would have.

Simon Hughes, the Deputy Chairman who said Democrats, liberal: "at last the Sun is set up to Rupert Murdoch's British Empire."

"Journalism in the United Kingdom uses the reputation as the best in the world." "It is in the public interest, that you will restore this reputation now is."

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Hacking outrage from selection for BSkyB - Herald Scotland kills