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The widow of a man, in the accident of the Mull of Kintyre killed helicopters said the Chinook that crashed killing their husband would have to be non-operational.

Yesterday a new report in the 1994 accident ranking purged two pilots is gross negligence - more in Northern Ireland to life were the highest intelligence officials-

The fresh verification showed that flight lieutenants Jonathan Tapper and Richard Cook for the crash blame should have been the 29 killed.

Defence Secretary Liam Fox said that he the pilots families for the distress caused by the initial results of the RAF excuse had written.

Susan welcomes movement Phoenix, whose Ehemann Ian in the crash killed came - but said key questions remained about the Chinook security.

"This is a very good report - it's families a wonderful day for the pilots and I'm so glad they had deleted their names at last," told with Belfast Telegraph.

"I am pleased that Mr Philip [website of who-the review conducted] has board the right messages heard speaking and in the right way." "No one ever blame the pilots."

The announcement yesterday came after years of the campaign of the men's families to clear their names.

Flight ZD 576 popped everyone on board into the side of a mountain in dense fog in the evening of 2 June 1994, including four crew members killed. The passengers included some who flew Britain's leading anti-terrorism expert, visiting from Belfast, a Conference in Inverness.

After an RAF Board request, that the most likely cause of the rising ground beneath the selection of the wrong rate climb was found, a report of two air marshals - Sir William Wratten and Sir John-day-, concluded that the pilots "negligent gross mass" were.

But a Scottish fatal accident inquiry completed, it was impossible the exact cause of the crash, establish, during the RAF ruling also in separate House of Commons and House of Lords Committee reports was criticized.

In April it emerged that the chiefs two years before the crash had converted defense doubts about the safety of Chinook helicopters.

"Software which was that Chinook was been known as positively dangerous," added Mrs Phoenix.

"The crash must have not already done so, because these aircraft were not flying should."

Ann Magee, whose Ehemann Kevin in the crash killed came, she said "was absolutely by the findings". "This confirms what all together - the campaigns have said, the pilots blame was unfair and she did nothing wrong."

"It is a blessing for their families and I feel very emotional for them."

"The report makes many recommendations, but that's for another day." Today, something very special for both is easy families the pilots.

"Name has been deleted, call returned for these poor dead pilots, and their families can their heads hold back with pride."

Chris Cook, brother of flt lt Cook, said it never had evidence, to find the pilots guilty.

"The reputation of these two young officers were restored and we believe that a terrible wrong has been righted", he said.

Standing at his side after the announcement they had both waited so long for Mike Tapper, father of flt lt Tapper, said: "This is now closing."

Asked whether the two of its air, which had insisted were the pilots negligent fault should now apologize, he said: "It is the air his."


The Boeing CH-47 Chinook, which had crashed into the Mull of Kintyre a twin-engine, tandem rotor heavy lift helicopter. Chinook to 16 Nations, with the army and the Royal Air Force is the largest user sold.

However, they took part in several serious accidents. In November 1986, a British International helicopters Chinook at Sumburgh airport Shetland Islands, 45 people crashed killed.

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Widow's pension ruling as Chinook crash, its some deleted - the Belfast Telegraph