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Defence officials confirm, that the army today will be known, that his troops no longer year-long fight against will be served deployments as they move in the direction of nine month guided tour duty.

The change to no effect on the troops in Warzones or the soon-to-go service currently. Is the new 9-month deployment schedule will begin in January 2012, and a staggered process as troops replace outgoing troops throughout the year. Units run by January leave on a 12-month deployment. For example, this December leave a combat Brigade, only the new policy date is missing, so that she will lead the way for a full year out. But because of the policy fully is still possible that some units may differ on year-long deployments until then in place until April. The army has the change since some time studied in favour of Army Chief of staff General Martin Dempsey, the change had, when he was the Commander of the army training and doctrine command. The time frame for the implementation of the change is unclear.

The announcement should ease the stress of the soldiers, who had to endure the longest combat deployments under the military services. At one point the rise in the Iraq during the year 2007 were army 15 months deployments serve.

Currently, troops are to at least two years between the overseas combat deployments, get off what is known as "Dwell Time." In an interview with the army times June, Chief of staff General George Casey said former army, the army was in increasing residence time to three years, but looks, that it may take until 2014 fully implemented for such a change.

Do not give it time live announcement today, because the objectives have moved and it is unclear if they are achieved. Because the army from years to months is moved, the living-time ratio will be divided in months. The new goal is now a 1-3 dwell time translated in 9 months fighting and 27 months at home - so three months more than she. Some units high need not just now often get their two-year residence time. For example, helicopters are brigades Army currently on 18-month intervals between the fight, because these devices have a higher rotation cycle.

There are some soldiers, who are affected by the new nine-month directive. In some cases soldiers be deployed separately and not with one go, they are known as "custom bar reinforcement forces" or the IA is it no change to delivery schedules for the IA, they always go nor provide for one year at a time.Nine months deployments are nothing new for the Army National Guard and reserve. They are mobilized for a year, but after a training session for the first month or so they spend zones nine months to fight provided.

A current discount schedules affected with the postponement of the deployment is the ultimate breaks disappear the two-week R & R the soldiers have come to expect for their deployments. Most forces use these breaks, return home and visit their families.

Marines are seven months of combat and have seven months off between their next use. Sailing ship deployments last at least six months and some are for nine-month deployments according to ship rotation schedules. Air force Airmen serve a minimum six-month deployment.

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Army city tour duty expected to drop to 9 months - ABC News