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Emma StoneActress Emma Stone visited the 2011 teen choice awards in the universal amphitheatre by Gibson on the 7 August 2011 in Universal City, California. Photo: GETTY IMAGES. Source: The Sunday Telegraph

HOLLYWOODS fastest rising actress, Emma Stone, which was involved in the last year of school comedy easy A, is on the treadmill of gainful employment with no fewer than three upcoming major films.

First cab off the rank is help, based on the 2009 controversial novel by Kathryn Stockett on the turbulent and racially divided deep South of the 1960s.

Then it will appear stupid in the rom-com crazy love opposite Heartthrob Ryan Gosling (the notebook) before her, her rumors off-screen friend Andrew Garfield coveted role as the main character Gwen Stacy in blockbuster the amazing Spider-man,.

It seems that the Cheeky, 22-year-old Arizona native their Hollywood moment born.

"I do not it very well treat,", laughs they who speak adaptation to their growing movie star status, to insider.

"And I am very aware that there is a moment right now."

"Of course, it is very exciting, but will take time, so I try to appreciate the present, and to live in the moment."

"If I ever overwhelmed by everything that happened to me, I think:" get over it treasure. It will be gone one day.'

"It is an another 22-year-old redhead on my heels." It is inevitable, and there is nothing I can do about it. I am older and I must add it.

On the career of another Freckle-faced redhead eclipsing, is a subject, which them all to know, is often asked to replace Lindsay Lohan stone. Not only it bears a striking resemblance of the physical and talent for comedy, but her voice has a similar husky quality.

"Now, I'm actually a blonde and I red, color, one could say, I was," she quips. "I'm wrong a." She's the real redhead, "that adds stone, quickly to distance itself." With a good head on their shoulders it will probably have much more with the problematic Lohan.

"I am really happy with the family and the friends I have." They know, who I am and they never want to change me. "This helps me keep things in perspective."

In Los Angeles and help to promote stone is fashionably thin and wearing a figure-hugging, Midnight blue, Calvin Klein dress and Christian Louboutin heels. Signature red hair is worn long and style, and her make-up is impeccable.

She speaks about her years with the kind of wisdom.

"My biggest goal in life is to ensure that I think on straight head."

"I think it is not too strong they are all important." I get to play with Ryan Gosling, and flaps on a harness with Spider-man, ", she smiles." "You can to take it too seriously."

Their guttural sound explains it, "was actually deeper when I was younger." I suffer from nodules and calluses on my vocal cords of colic as a baby.

"I had to do speech therapy, if I learn a child was, how in a higher register to speak", she says. "But I have still a little Lisp." "I have not everything fix."

Far from the glamour of Hollywood, her father is a contractor and her mother stayed at home, Emma, and her younger brother to increase. She was intended for the stage from a very young age.

"I really obnoxious and loud in first class and always from the walls, bouncing was trying to get the attention of the people", remembers it.

"My teacher has me think in a school, it to calm myself down or at least I would an outlet to be loud."

"If they me on stage, young, for me, the rest was history." "Once I heard that laughter from the audience knew I that I made for was."

It was this Precociousness their parents after a PowerPoint demonstration, at the age of 15, of which it is to be moved to Los Angeles convinced to pursue their dream. Together with her mother she moved her training by home schooling completed and for hearings went.

She had roles in several television shows including medium and Malcolm in the middle. It was not until 2007 that stone made her film debut in the hit comedy SUPERBAD. Her career covered and went on they Zombieland and paper in the House Bunny, ghosts of girlfriends past, man.

Although 1-film offers comedic fare that help - your CV is charged with the number at US box office - something fleischiger. There are moments of joy; However, none is given the dark object of his time, with racism in ancestral rights Mississippi, the film laugh-fest.

Stone plays the central role of the Skeeter, a writer who discovered black Maid of privileged white families the world of bigotry and double standards employed by survey. These exhibitions AACS 'Help,' including their own family maid puts them the city on the head.

Stone hopes that the film is a message to send.

"This is a representation of a time in history where people do not have equal rights" she says. "This is still very true, many groups today and in many parts of the world."

"This film will hopefully people remember what we have fought through and how far we come are, in the last 50 years." Maybe we can continue to see the problems and disagreement, that is to hand. "Help teaches you that only one person can start a movement, and can change life."

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Ascending Emma Stone of Hollywood's new star - the Daily Telegraph