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An advertiser has financed Madrid - Castrol documentary with its global Ambassador, Cristiano Ronaldo, start, Castrol edge to its new product brand, created his most important territories.

The unique, one-hour documentary was developed by M & -c-Saatchi sport & entertainment and Madrid from UK production images shot in house, plum.

The documentary will give fans an exclusive insight into the power of Ronaldo, one of the best footballers of his generation.

Castrol edge was developed by experts and tested to its limits to Castrol's strongest and most advanced engine oil still - by applying the same rigorous testing to Ronaldo, the new Castrol edge film documentation presented Ronaldo tested to the limit, is the Portugal and Real Madrid midfielder push in a detailed scientific study.

Castrol edge presented Ronaldo tested to the limit of star player sees skills, strength and flexibility, taken from the place away and in a high performance laboratory and the world's leading sports scientist leading-edge technology use to test it in a number of challenges that show exactly what gives him the advantage.

Ultra slow motion and highly impact-resistant computer-generated images, the piece also includes a number of interviews with football experts including Fabio Capello and Arsene Wenger.

The global premiere of Castrol edge presented Ronaldo tested to the limit of Spain is in Madrid, in September 2011, aired on TV channels in 15 key markets for Castrol take place.

Global distribution is handled by the mindshare is, and the film documentation is supported sports & entertainment a global PR campaign also created and managed by M & -c-Saatchi.

Castrol edge global brand manager, Sean Rahaley, said: "We are incredibly excited to Castrol edge worldwide with a film as groundbreaking as Castrol edge presents Ronaldo tested to the limit to do the introduction and this."

"Testing of Ronaldo its absolute not more than, just like us, the film the core values of the brand Castrol edge - power and performance - on fun and compelling way do presented with the product."

"Film documentation can we also offer a wide range of exclusive benefits and experiences of our customers and consumers on the world, including exclusive access to the global premiere in September of this year and opportunities to the Cristiano personally meet."

When shooting in Madrid in July, Cristiano Ronaldo added: "shooting for the film the first time I was really exciting as it is the have done something like this." The challenges have been developed to look at my strength and skill in detail, and it was a great experience to see how my body works. "The challenges were really hard, but I think that I did on the day."

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Castrol starts Ronaldo film - SPORT24