Court is dismissed Rumsfeld not by suit - warez.

CHICAGO, Aug. 8 UPI) - A federal appeals court in Chicago ruled 2-1 - Monday not to former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld as a defendant in proceedings torture to remove.

The complaint was of two staff members from local officials for contracts the shield group security, Nathan Vance and Nathan Ertel, who say they were arrested in the Iraq without charge and tortured by the U.S. military for three months, after she claimed their company pays.

2006 "Released the two men from military detention without ever with a felony indictment." You then this action for infringement of their constitutional rights against submitted... Rumsfeld and other unknown defendants "under U.S. Supreme Court precedent, the majority opinion said.""Plaintiffs seek losses from Secretary Rumsfeld and others for their roles in the creation and implementation of policies that caused plaintiff of alleged torture."

Rumsfeld and the US Government moved, the claim must be rejected, but a US judge in Chicago allowed the claims for torture continue material, citing the fifth amendment due process clause.

"We agree with the District Court (judges) who can continue the applicants with their..." "Claims against Secretary Rumsfeld," said the majority opinion. "Take the problems in ascending order, we agree first standards (the federal rules of civil procedure) apply width, the plaintiff in enough detail facts support Secretary of Rumsfeld who claimed personal responsibility for the alleged torture." "Secondly, we agree with the District Court (judge), that Minister Rumsfeld qualified immunity on the pleadings is not entitled."

The opinion said under U.S. law "clearly in early 2006, which have claimed the treatment plaintiff was unconstitutional was found." "No reasonable public official could have believed otherwise."

The men "Bivens" claims, are named according to the judgment of the Supreme Court of Justice in 1971 Bivens vs. six unknown named agents make.

"Next we agree with the District Court Bivens remedy for the alleged torture of civilian U.S. citizens by U.S. military personnel in a war zone is available", the statement said. "We see no convincing justification in Bivens case law or otherwise for defendants at the expansive argument would civilian US citizens, take a civil remedy for torture or even cold-blooded murder of federal officials and soldiers at every level, a war zone."

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Court is dismissed Rumsfeld not by suit - warez.