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The Dow Jones industrial average managed to lose about 130 points on Friday during the midday trading. As a result, investors are everywhere, more and more concerned about the US economy and the international economy is growing. The pressing issues of the moment are the financial crises, which shake the European countries and the fact that the setting in the United States is still too slow. As a result, the unemployment rate in America was still not lower substantially.

Others provide turn as the manufacturing and service sectors, a serious decline that is consumer spending and the concern of the Government do not their best, when you try to stimulate the economy to the weak growth in certain areas. The location is very urgent in the light of the fact that European Heads of State and Government who everywhere, decided to give up their summer holidays and hold emergency meetings.

Their main concerns at the moment is to prevent Italy or Spain require extensive financial help to develop a plan. The situation is most problematic, as both countries have third and fourth largest economies.

In the United States on the other hand managed the economy 117,000 jobs in July Add. The reports from May and June were not bad, but not as good as analysts either expected. The unemployment rate managed to fall 9.1 percent from 9.2 per cent, but this was mainly because some unemployed people decided to stop looking for work.

"Economically, 117,000 jobs is hardly sufficient to stimulate the economy" Dan Greenhaus, chief globally declared simple strategist is the trading house BTIG.

On Friday, just after noon, the Dow Jones industrial lost average 126 points, or 1.1 per cent reach 11,258. In addition, the standard & poor's 500 index was 19 points, or 1.6 percent reach 1.181. Lost on Thursday the Dow Jones industrial average 513 points with its worst day since 2008.

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The down Jones industrial average lost 130 points - daily news engine