England mascot knifed to death - the Sun

Robert Sebbage - Wembley square by David Beckham before the three lions 2007 friendly with Brazil - led knifed through the heart on Zante.

18 Year-old from Tadley, near Basingstoke, Hants, was on a dream vacation with friends after fighting a serious disease.

Evening shocked Greek police officer yesterday told how an angry taxi drivers "went berserk" and reduced to a group of tourists with a knife - kill a Brit teenager

Tragic Robert was fatal in the heart, stabbed to death, while four pals for wounds were treated.

Witnesses claimed that the incident broke out, one started the boys of taunting local taxi drivers after night - Laser pens and hurling stones allegedly show how she ate a fast-food Diner in the Laganas.

COP Dimitris Angeloudis, said Robert - once met his idol David Beckham in selection as an England football mascot - died when a line of taxi fare to violence escalates.

He said: "flared tempers, they exchanged insults, then started against each other." The taxi driver then lost it.

"There are no words to explain why he was so berserk, but he suddenly produced a knife and, goaded by a friend, played out and stabbed those who he could."

"This has made true our worst fears." "A guest lost his life on a misunderstanding - insults and macho behaviour of young men on both sides."

Dismayed related flew from yesterday in the course of the 3 - hour horror.

The LAD, the years of fighting rare neuropathic disease hospital spent a children had to charity, had asked his football dream come true. He met also goalkeeper Paul Robinson.

Reading FC had dreamed the holiday Zante fan Robert with his buddies.

PAL Jordan Manson, an 18-year-old mechanic, was also deep chest wounds.

It was yesterday evening "out of danger" after an emergency op Steven Grans sound, 19, Callum Lane, 18, and Sam champion, 18, were kept in the hospital as a precaution with minor injuries. Travel organizer Tim Nicholls, 18, was the only PAL unharmed.

Yesterday he called Roberts parents Andrew and Rhian tragic news to break.

Shaken Rhian said: "I spoke with Robert, he had a fantastic time." "They were due back tomorrow."

Jordan's father Nigel told how two taxi drivers a knife and wooden pipe wear the guys in an alley chased.

He said: "It is terrible." They are peaceful young men. "None of them was getting in trouble." Stelios Morfis, 21, was charged with premeditated murder.

Police said he threw his knife in the sea, after the killing, but Hubert it found, after he gave his location.

Officers said Morfis - a former bodyguard who Island Mayor - confessed that kill, but claims that he acted in self-defense.

Fellow taxi driver of Dimosthenes Mylonas, 25, was accused of complicity, commit murder. Both were detained last night.

Friends, created a Facebook tribute page to Robert. Chloe Prince wrote: "one of the most real lads, I've ever met." You will never be forgotten. "r.i.p".


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England mascot knifed to death - the Sun