Saturday, August 13, 2011

Favre SN correspondent says that he is not interested in Miami -

HATTIESBURG, Miss - in the wake of the recent speculation about a possible Union between the dolphins and Brett Favre, that future Hall of Fame said Friday that he has no interest in this possibility.

"I've heard everything, and I am not interested" Favre told sporting news correspondent and Miami Herald writer Jeff Darlington. "No."

Brett Favre tells SN correspondent Jeff Darlington, he not play in the NFL for Miami interested in is. (AP Photo)

If you said not the words of a man who has a thing more than once, and indeed believe another, maybe this helps: Favre went very slowly and cautiously Friday, as if each step required, it is your own conscious effort. He saw more as a man who ended just one season – not as an athlete poised to start a new.

Darlington brought Favre at Oak Grove high school, not far from his sprawling Ranch. Favre, who a team picture with the high school football team, certainly appeared unable to handle the rigors of an NFL season, which is only five weeks away.

His last two back from retirement, Favre Oak Grove football pitch, used is ready to receive, by throwing pathways to high school receiver.

A source in Hattiesburg said that Favre has not participated in such activities this summer. The dolphins are without him signing of Kevin O'Connell as the team third veteran quarterback now forward move. Coincidentally, O'Connell was Favre's backup with the jets in 2008.

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