House page program falls victim to cuts - Boston Globe

WASHINGTON — after almost 200 years the House page program, that allows that students serve as messengers and learn more about Congress stops you, obsoleted by the Internet and E-mail in rendered cutting times.

House Speaker John Boehner and minority leader Nancy Pelosi, said yesterday that the annual expenditure no longer can be justified by $ 5 million if messages and other materials are delivered electronically. The pages have now little to do, according to the two leaders.

The House program ends at the Aug. 31. The Senate page program will continue.

Two studies started in the year 2008 found that while the young helpers once "were stretched to the limit, providing large number of much-needed documents and other packages," now "rarely called for deliveries,.", as most documents are now electronically delivered

Boehner and Pelosi wrote, which, while they are "deliberately the special body shall keep the privilege of their unique experience in the memory of the young Americans, serve as pages in over the years, our decision that close the program reflects two current realities: changes in technology have the charges for most of the services of the page, and it is hard to justify high cost", decreased especially in the light of the benefits to the House. "

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House page program falls victim to cuts - Boston Globe