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Organizers of the response, a day of fasting and prayer in Houston this weekend may not directly related to Governor Rick Perry coordinated political team a run for President for required holds.

But as supporters of a print design Committee, the answer organizers who have shown a strong interest in Perry's political prospects are Perry's name in the key State of Iowa officially independent President.

Perry initiated the answer into account provided as a "Call to prayer for a nation in crisis" and its political implications were clear from the outset. The American family Association and other groups involved in the event have in the past in the Organization of Evangelical Christians working option.

And next year Iowa political groups, the first test of strength in the presidential election nomination more than half are process, the participants in the Republican groups probably Evangelical Christians, based on the latest data. Political scientist Dennis Goldford of at Drake University in Iowa, said Perry "can not damage with Iowa Caucus visitors with the Houston event".

Some have criticized on the other hand to the Saturday event as divisive as his strong Christian orientation may be unfriendly towards non-Christians.

The answer has a close resemblance to a series of meetings for Evangelical pastors that have occurred in the year 2005 at the start of Perry's campaign for re-election for Governor.

The closed-door sessions, known as the Texas restoration project developed their parishioners to pastors, agree to get to. Perry has each event, while other potential gubernatorial candidates were excluded. Some of the same people organize the answer were involved in the restoration project.

"I don't think that it is a coincidence, that this event takes place at the same time, that Rick Perry is clearly seriously, for President," said Kathy Miller, President of the Texas freedom network, a group against the influence of the religious right on State public policy dedicated.

"The answer looks like many of his efforts to promote religious leaders to his own political ambitions, and to use religious gatherings as well", said Miller.

Miller's group complaint with the internal revenue service 2005 claimed after the events that she violated a federal law the inclusion of certain limit non-profit groups in electoral politics, because the restoration project was a key element of Perry's campaign for re-election. The IRS decided that only one at a meeting of the religious leaders speak politicians have no constituted political activity.

Wayne Hamilton of Austin-based San Jacinto public affairs is an important link between the response and the restoration project. Hamilton, former Managing Director of the Texas Republican party, was the lead coordinators for both events. Hamilton dismissed Miller's believe that the two events were on the promotion of Perry as a candidate: "this is bizarre, because neither are political events."

A further response coordinator is founded by 1988 Republican presidential candidate Pat Robertson to make Evangelical political force in America Allan Parker, former President of the San Antonio Chapter of the Christian Coalition, an organization. Parker is now President of the San Antonio based justice Foundation, which is funded by the businessman James Leininger.

Leininger, an advocate of the private school vouchers, is one of the last business partner of Perry's and has donated more than $ 300,000 to his campaigns. Leininger was among the four wealthy Perry donors who paid restoration for the Texas project sessions in 2005.

Response coordination are also former Perry speech writer Eric Bearse and former advisor to Bill Nobel.

Although the answer has a religious focus, the efforts of other Perry associates were political.

Americans for Rick Perry, an independent political action Committee, California founded by Republican consultant Bob Schuman of La Jolla, to promote a design-Perry movement in Iowa. It is known as Super-PAC, because it is not limited in how much money she can raise, as would a candidate Committee.

Schuman first set Houston political consultant Elizabeth Blakemore money for Americans for Rick Perry and then former Dallas County Republican of Chairman Nate Crain as Chairman of the national finances brought. Crain, Perry's "Kitchen cabinet" unofficial Advisor as he served as Lieutenant Governor, more than $130,000 of Perry's has awarded gubernatorial campaigns.

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Many connections between team Perry and response, super PAC - Austin American-statesman