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N.F.L.-players are not at all on match days, tested give players a window of at least 24 hours, fast-acting drugs without fear of getting caught to use. Major League Baseball, which players receive potential cheats surprised notice of tests that supposedly occur without warning, removal of the concept of extraction.

Two leagues fought unions in the banned with their over last years including tests for human growth hormone, which is believed, to muscle mass increase help restore and improve endurance but is, in the United States possess without a prescription.

So on Thursday the N.F.L. celebrated, what a big step forward in the League of drug testing regime called: the inclusion of blood tests for human growth hormone in the substance abuse program, is that in the new collective bargaining agreement. H.G.H. at highest level of this League no other sports league in the United States has tried. But some anti-doping experts say that the true effectiveness and legitimacy of the program only if the League and the players the details of the plan show the Union will be known.

Already has the first known facet of the Protocol, that the test H.G.H. every year, managed anti-doping experts are less than impressed.

"The N.F.L. they would test their headlines that say, for H.G.H. and the public thinks they have solved the problem, but it really is the theater of absurd," said Dr. Gary Wadler, the immediate past Chairman of the World Anti-Doping Agency prohibited list and methods Committee. "I have always said, the devil is in the detail in these anti-doping protocols and these details are obviously ridiculous."

Growth hormone has been in the professional sports, said more and more popular Wadler, in part, because it can be used in combination with steroids. A recent study in Australia indicating that the athletes with H.G.H. take may be able to a smaller dose steroids, which achieve same effect he said added that the amount of steroids used may fall the triggering of a positive test below the threshold.

Athletes have a strong incentive, using drug for performance improvement. But tests for H.G.H. only once in the year would give athletes a virtual passport, the drug freely take after this test is administered. For example, if a player is being tested in July, he would know that he would not again be tested for the whole of the season.

"As soon as you are tested, they are free for the rest of the season, House" Wadler said the N.F.L. plan. "Is come on, which fool?"

Don Catlin, a former Director of the U.C.L.A. Olympic analytical laboratory, said: "it takes not much for an athlete to find out that there are ways to test that only once in the year." "You can count not even the loopholes."

The World Anti-Doping Agency, an independent organization that controls most Olympic sports, tests for H.G.H since 2004... Athletes such as the former Olympic track star, which was brought to Marion Jones and of former Yankees first baseman Jason Giambi to the drug in conjunction. So far, only seven athletes in the sport, code - as strict - have tested positive the impact of the world Agency for H.G.H.

Athletes will see WADA rules an unlimited number of urine and blood tests for an array of drugs. These tests are in and out of competition, carried out without notice. The sport of cycling takes out his athletes several times a year to differences in biological markers to monitor indicating doping blood.

"Athletes growth hormone with impunity for years, used", said David Howman, Director-General of the international anti-doping agency. "As the N.F.L. begins with a plus because not many sports for there test." "It is significant progress on what they had before, which was nothing, and a significant step in the fight against doping in sport, because it simply not much blood tests in the world done."

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NFL is a jump on HGH - New York Times short