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Washington-In of a movement, the efforts to reform statement on some who worried most Michigan school districts increase could, is the U.S. Department of education begin exemption States of no. child left behind testing standards this school year.

An announcement Monday from Obama of White House on one of the most controversial provisions of the law of Bush era States would have to continue their own reform efforts, to increase graduation rates, as also the White House favors - from tougher evaluation systems for teachers and principals to programs, the fight against of the power for minorities students.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan and melody of Barnes, President Barack Obama was domestic policy adviser, Monday, that the exemptions would to help students, graduates, and they better for college level work and prepare the workforce, there would be not necessary teachers, so much instructional time is preparing students for standardized tests to focus.

Critics have called the No. child left behind testing of the law to improve unrealistic, often branding schools as error benchmarks even if they are on the way.

"We can have so many wrong incentives no law of the country which has," Duncan said.

Michigan officials, last week expressed waiver requested test requirements no. child, relief at the announcement, would say, it will ease pressure on teachers, which now would not "Teaching the test."

"I really appreciate it," Mike Flanagan, Michigan school inspector, said Duncan's announcement. "We have really increased our standards although this US Federal sanctions issues."

Michigan request for an exemption from the U.S. Department of education asked for an exclusion from federal requirements that all students reach 100% competence on the tests by 2014. State education officials call for the Federal Government also on the competence time to ten years to extend and the goal of 80 percent lower.

The Federal announcement comes the State test score problems expected. A steep fall in the competence should be considered this school year, after the Government recently increased where students demonstrate basic knowledge of subjects dominated this topic "cut results" - the cutoff point prices - parents and taxpayers to a more accurate assessment be what students learn in school.

Michigan's third-grade reading proficiency was 90 percent, before the State of his average scores, such as amended. Flanagan expected that those who will drop to 50 percent below the new standards.

"I am at a point where we need to do the right thing for the State." … We need to let know the parents and teachers, the children are not "said he." they are as ready as we think "The reality is that really the half not competently use."

Republicans move bristles in Duncan's.

"I felt parts the sense of urgency by State and local education officials across the nation." Unfortunately, more questions than answers surround Secretariat exemptions proposal, "said Republic John Kline, R Minnesota, the Chairman of the House Committee on education and the workforce."

No child left behind, one of President George W. Bush's signature domestic policy have achievements, every public school student knowledge in mathematics and reading by 2014, forcing States to their standards for schools every year based on tests, spring boost.

After nine years, schools have increasingly labeled failures, funding and support for some threatening, so, how they begin, academic turn around.

Reform of the law has to be entangled in the increasingly cross-party mood on Capitol Hill despite repeated calls to Obama and Duncan for changes. Obama an overhaul proposal to Congress 16 months sent.

Duncan has warned that 82% of U.S. schools error next year could be labeled when the law is not changed. Education expert question, that estimated.

Of waiting tired for Congress to act, said Obama move forward Duncan with exemptions.

Details on the waivers are provided to districts next month.

Duncan and Barnes would not tip their hands on all opportunities to get waivers, but admitted that she have a bar for States that had set the exceptions.

"I'm really interested, the States which try to do better," a big part of it said Duncan, pointing out that accountability would be. "I have not met, teacher, or a principal, the accountability wanted." "You want to be only fair."

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