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The last time Portugal were in November 2005 in Belfast Brazilian World Cup winner coach Luiz Felipe Scolari from Windsor Park in a trouble, stormed it.

The Northern Ireland players angry about the way in which his star-studded Portuguese outfit containing a 20-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo, had been treated, he accused of being "over competitive" in a friendly.

The later to manage Chelsea were even by the former head of Brazil, proposed, viscous tactics.

Smile was the Northern Ireland players only when Scolari-irritation.

Their game plan, just like the splendid victory over England two months before this game had worked a treat.

Northern Ireland aufrechtgeerhalten hectic pace of kick-off, denied the Portuguese more than a second on the ball and after taking one of the many opportunities - a Warren Feeney headed was goal - immediately with a creditable 1: 1 draw.

Portugal have since, but in the next two years with Real Madrid star Ronaldo still play a central role, they have to visit at least one more to Windsor Park after it is concluded in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday night as the top seeds in Northern Ireland the Group F for the 2014 World Cup qualifiers.

This will certainly make not the Northern Ireland players that insecurity have kept the formula for the Portuguese.

It is the other teams of the group, with the exception of Luxembourg, to cause the most concern for qualification.

Russia, Israel and Azerbaijan are heavy test home and away games. The long journeys for all three countries could in fact play an important role in the outcome of these games.

But Rangers midfielder Steven Davis, the captain may even for these games Aaron Hughes should stand down at the end of the Euro 2012 qualifiers in October, insists Northern Ireland have the ability to find a way to overcome the obstacles that are placed in the way.

The rush young says: "we are not stupid - Ronaldo can win every game on its own." But after our draw with them a few years back, which only goes to show that we can compete with these pages.

"We are against world-class players in the Ronaldo and Russia's Andrei Arshavin coming but that is exactly, what you want, when you play international football."

"This initial gives us a chance and we have to believe." Faith is everything in the camp.

"We must now ensure that we enable Windsor Park in a fortress, if we can do that, anything is possible."

"If we can collect points early, especially at home, I would be very confident and then win some points away against Portugal, Russia and Israel." There is no reason, why can we not do that, we have made our best team. We have a habit of the frustratingly large teams and can continue.

"Of course be sure victory, both in and away, Azerbaijan and Luxembourg."

Davis was not even born when Northern Ireland stunned the world in Spain ' 82. But one of the heroes, that ad-World Cup

Venture, Gerry Armstrong said of today's stars rated, the "spirit of" 82 "as an inspiration, when they dream, who want to reach it to the finals in Brazil."

From the opening game, it seemed as if smiled the football gods to Northern Ireland.

Floodlight failure contributed to a draw to earn while the winner Armstrong Terry Cochrane for a lost cause against Portugal hunt in 1981 set up in Israel.

Irish Cup final had before even on Saturday was postponed because this game was so important.

Sealed in November that year 40,000 fans in Windsor Park to see Armstrong again winner in the vital final qualifier against Israel, the net packed, our trip to Spain.

"Deja-vu time for the current crop of players, it should be", says Armstrong. "These teams are tough and we know all about the class of Ronaldo, but we should not forget, we have overcome these countries above and qualify." When I was a player I would excited by the challenge that lies ahead.

"Portugal and Russia are expected to take the top two spots in the group, but I think we can say a great and the shock team, Brazil reached."

However, before anyone can make their attention to the World Cup games, thoughts on the five remaining games in the qualifying round should Euro 2012, to start the next week against the Faroe Islands.

Despite second place and a play-off game for Poland and the Ukraine next year in fifth place in group three due to games where hand lie, men have Nigel Worthington is a secure outside chance. Therefore, it is possible that we could meet Portugal and Ronaldo as the World Cup qualifiers.

But on the previous experiences to go, they hardly like to us you will find below.

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