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AUSTIN, TeX - reeled in April, Texas by forest fires and drought, Governor Rick Perry sought support from the Federal Government, but also a higher makes. He asked the State to pray for rain, issuing an official proclamation, the "me, Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, under the authority in me by the Constitution and the laws of the State of Texas, vested the three-day period from Friday, April 22, 2011, to Sunday, April 24, 2011, as days of prayer for rain in the State of Texas hereby announce."

Governor Rick Perry video invitation to the Houston-prayer rally were created. The latest on President Obama, the new Congress, and other news from Washington and around the nation. Turn on the discussion.

On a Sunday in the year 2005 signed Mr Perry to legislation require that women under 18 years of age parental consent, before he had a abortion will receive. The signing took place in a ceremony in a run, by a Protestant Christian Church Fort Worth school.

Five weeks after the attacks of Sept. 11, Mr Perry, bowed his head and said "amen" as Baptist pastor led a prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. Remarkably, the prayer was not what she said, but where it has been said: on a student meeting in a public middle school in East Texas. Afterwards, Mr Perry said no problem he ignore the Supreme Court landmark 1962 ruling which ruled organized prayer in public schools.

In Houston on Saturday, thousands of people are expected to be in reliant to collect Stadium for a Christian theme prayer service, Mr. Perry created and promoted. Although Mr Perry for an event, its conservative Christian credentials burnishes, as he considered running for President to spearhead criticized was the prayer rally is only the current instance - if also the highest profile a - the Governor of the nation's second largest country emphasized his Christian faith and blur the line between Church and State.

"The scale of this event is new, but the essence of this is familiar all who followed him," said James Henson, a longtime political observers and the Director of the Texas politics project at the University of Texas at Austin. "He called never hesitant faith in the public and for public purposes."

A few political figures in America have their personal faith and her public persona so consistently and so outrageously, consider talking with quotations from Scripture, speak from the pulpit in Church, regularly meeting and strategy development with Evangelical Christians in one of the last speech, and even equating with the Ministry of public office mixed.

He is known for the forwarding of the Christian themes of E-mails to friends and helpers on which he scribbled Bible verses has slipping notecards. Two months before the primary last year, Mr Perry voice during Sunday services at the interdenominational elevate life Church in Frisco and went with a special gift of the father: long silver sword, given to the Governor as a symbol for the word of God.

Christian focus on his political career and the attention that has drawn the rally have given Mr Perry a decisive advantage he should try to position itself as a preferred candidate among religious conservatives. But the rally and his outspoken Christianity could be the opponents cast an opening for him as an extremist. He would like to enter the race, he would be fighting representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, which stressed also its long commitment to the conservative Christian has values for the support of this voting bloc - especially in important early competitions such as the Iowa Caucasus and primary, where voters can be critical of South Carolina.

Last month, when asked if he intended to mount a bid for the White House Mr Perry said reporter for the Des Moines Register, that he "more and more comfortable every day, that this is what I have called to do." "This is what America needs." But reporters in Austin, Mr Perry denied there was a purely religious connotation to his remark, saying: "there are many different kinds are called." "My mother can call me for dinner."

Many political observers and his critics sound like ability to learn. "The politicians and not a man of faith, saw you," said Mr. Henson.

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Rally elevations on the new question, the limits of Perry's faith - New York Times