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SAYNER, Wisconsin, United States - two Republican State Senators lost their seats in recall elections to Wisconsin on Tuesday, but Republicans maintained their control of the Senate, ultimately groups and Democrats, the months and millions of dollars, try passing a union defeat, at least wrestling had spent some of the political power of the State.
State Senator Alberta Darling, R-River hills, links, and Sandy Pasch, right, a Democratic Senator, on Tuesday. The latest on President Obama, the new Congress, and other news from Washington and around the nation. Turn on the discussion.

The result was a victory for Governor Scott Walker, a Republican, whose move right to collective bargaining for public employees cut a firestorm of protests this year on the way then counterprotests, and finally a summer unprecedented recall effort seen.

Although two Republican - senators Dan Kapanke from La Crosse, Randy hopper the Fund you were from Democratic challenger Lac - removed on Tuesday, before the ends its term in Office, Republicans, still a majority keep - now 17 to 16 - over Democrats in the Senate. Until Tuesday Republicans had dominated by a majority of 19 to 14 but with six callback options in a single day, the damage to the Republicans had much worse, and Democrats and some national labor Group hoped it would.

Two Senate Democrats face also recall elections next week - more chapter of the same collective bargaining rights battle - but in the light of the results on Tuesday, this race doesn't have any impact on the party in the Senate, the question now controls, which had always been the ultimate concern on both sides. If anything, the Republicans could now increase next week their influence.

Seemed, the Lord Walker and leading Republican legislators assure that they can continue to pursue their agenda - which has included budget cuts, a hidden weapons provision and a request of identification, vote - with relative ease.

In the elections on Tuesday instead of four Republicans on their jobs, including Senators Robert Cowles Green Bay, Luther Olsen of Ripon and Sheila Harsdorf of river falls. The counting of votes in a challenge to Senator Alberta Darling, the powerful Republican co-Chair of the legislature last Joint Finance Committee and someone of the Democratic Party State Chairman week, as the "Crown Jewel of our efforts callback" is described in the early hours of the morning of Wednesday drawn; Finally, Mrs Darling held the winner, preliminary results by the associated press showed.

In a sense these elections - recall more than ever against Wisconsin legislator in the State tracks history - developed from a different choice. In November last year, to power in Wisconsin in a pattern, that changed in several States, Republicans, swept the Governor seat State Assembly durchgespielt control, as well as in the Senate and to promise to make large.

In February, Mr. Walker suggested a "budget repair bill", the benefits for State workers and future collective bargaining rights for most public employees would significantly impaired. Lord said Walker at the time the point was to solve the State budget deficit. But the move set off a wave of anger and demonstrators for the removal of the Republican legislator who supports who had the idea, and began, thousands of signatures collect petitions callback called. Others demanded the abolition of democratic legislators who fled the State weeks as a procedural maneuver to delay a vote on the question of collective bargaining, and began, collect thousands of signatures on other recall petitions. In March flaring, Republicans used their own a procedural maneuver with tension the collective bargaining approve measure with the Democrats still hidden in Illinois.

The recalls have been destroyed, time consuming, confusing (four separate elections were set for July and August) and remarkably expensive. From a rating be outside groups and the campaigns to remind at least $35 million, senators, so some of the races have spent the most expensive Wisconsin legislative campaigns in memory.

Up to now were the State reminds here legislators rarely. Because such callbacks 1926 first were allowed, only four such elections, one new challengers against an incumbent before the end of the term allow, rather than, and lost only two established operators.

Not only a certain amount of control over legislation in Madison was the recalls to some but is a larger referendum on Republican takeovers of Statehouses in 2010 and a device voters become mood, at least in a battleground state in the run-up to the presidential election 2012.

The campaigns were intense, personal, all-consuming. Campaign advertising non-stop have performed in several television markets and complaints about unwanted campaign methods on many fronts; been exchanged some have Democrats were as late as Tuesday night, questions about the fairness of the vote count in Mrs district trigger Darling.

A. G. Sulzberger contributed by Kansas City, MO., and Timothy Williams from New York reporting.

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Republicans hold on to Wisconsin Senate after recall vote - New York Times