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A videovertretung soldier still walking next to a tank in the Syrian city of Hama.

Why the Facebook page of the Syrian protest movement decided to harass Nutella of all products? Since announced its importer, Habib Betinjaneh and his sons Tony and Iyad, support for the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Betinjaneh is also one of the largest distributors of staple foods such as rice and sugar, Member of the Board of Directors of the largest insurance companies in Syria, and a close friend of the Assad of family.

Betinjaneh of the company is not the only company to be on the boycott list the Syrian protest movement. Dozens of companies and enterprises were named last week by the movement, to refrain from which citizens, called business with them.

To do this also by Assad's cousin Rami Makhlouf was controlled car company and the companies owned by Firas Tlass, the son of former Defense Minister, Mustafa Tlass, and the company of Habib Al-Houli, was previously head of intelligence in the Syrian air force and now serves as Special Adviser to Assad. Dozens of companies owned by Majd Suleiman, including the Lebanese newspaper Al-Balad - fierce defender of the Syrian regime are also on the list.

The organizers of the boycott say the United States and Europe imposed sanctions had no effect on the regime and, if the citizens of Syria start comprehensive consumer boycott against those with connections to the Assad regime able continue to for the actions of the murder to pay and feel sure that it can survive.

The efforts of the boycott are organizers much more broad. Would she like to the freezing of foreign investment and the cancellation of trade agreements and future projects, in particular for Arab investors to see. Saudi Arabia, for example, paying for 22 agricultural and industrial projects in Syria and a few months ago, it Damascus borrowed 100 million; There are also employment for thousands of Syrian workers.

Only two years ago decided that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia renew relations with Bashar Assad after Riyadh it four years previously in the wake of the assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri truncated. When 2009 he visited, the Saudi monarch Syria with him a large delegation from commercial transactions with the Syrian regime signed.

At the end of last week, Saudi Arabia in the Castle but the important statement by the Council for cooperation between the six Gulf States the scathing criticism to the Syrian regime to the expression. On Sunday, Riyadh recalled its Ambassador from Damascus.

It is however not only Saudi Arabia, the partners in the Syrian economy is. In 2008 Qatar real restate, that company, Qatari Diar invest $250 million city of Latakia, one of the focuses of the uprising in the construction of hundreds of housing units in the coast.

Doha sends also millions of dollars to the Assad regime. A large project, a 6 billion dollar current project of the Qatari electric Corporation was of Syria after Damascus refused you a permit retaliation for unfavorable coverage on the television station Al-Jazeera Qatar-based frozen.

Kuwait is also a massive investor in Syria, and Kuwaiti companies hold about 11 percent of the Syrian insurance market.

Turkey threatens sanctions for now. The honeymoon of the last three years between the two countries, which led to a large increase in bilateral trade, more than $ 2 billion to a peak of $5 billion fell apart after the Deputy Prime Minister civil uprising and described Turkey as "Acts of terrorism."

In the last few days, Turkey Syria a "final warning" but the nature of this ultimatum is unclear: Turkey will want to withdraw its investment in Syria, Turkish companies from that country or to reduce freezing its diplomatic representation in Damascus? For the Syrian regime, it is possible that even Turkish sanctions will make no difference, but for the Syrian 21 million citizens who could life, foreign investment, such sanctions warm up protests.

The extent of consumption in Syria (minus staple commodities) has dropped just under half, since unemployment of about 10 percent (the official numbers) to nearly 20 percent has shot. Syria has started, that print large amounts of money during the Syrian capital estimated at 20 billion $ is smuggled from abroad is.

Citizens, the loans with promoting Government buy new cars took (the Department in the Makhlouf and his staff have control) are not they pay more and the Syrian banks (many of whom have Lebanese partner) are concerned about collapse.

The boycott campaign by the protest movements in Syria could turn in an effective instrument against the regime, in particular, if the large merchants in the cities made Aleppo, Homs and Damascus - where the Sunni elite begin life granted far-reaching benefits in an attempt that political legitimacy win - to understand the nature of the "deal" with the regime.

But this economic considerations come against a regime which has no intention of letting go, a regime that continues to speak of "national unity" and "Collapse cause the nation foreign agents, who are trying." The State will not hesitate to punish, which is against the law all those. While in the West, time brings change bets, are Syrian is mown by the dozen, down.

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The Syrian people new weapon against Assad: boycott - HA' Ha'aretz