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United Nations response on Syria blasted - United States today

Pro-democracy Syrians mocked the international community Thursday for little to save Syrians of a massacre at the hands of President Bashar Assad, whose diplomatic relations with the United States have not cut and not exposed to the military was an arms embargo of the United Nations Security Council. AP

Syrian citizens say that little has been done by the international community to save of a massacre at the hands of President Bashar Assad.


Syrian citizens say that little has been done by the international community to save of a massacre at the hands of President Bashar Assad.

Mohamed Alabdullah, the U.S. spokesperson for the local coordination committees, a coalition of grass-roots activists in Syria, told voice of America is he disappointed with the reaction of the international community. "The UN Security Council voted but not threaten Wednesday condemning violence measures to stop it."The statement is good, but it is considered a lame action. "And they interpret such a lame statement of the Government in Syria, as continues to kill green light to people: ' now we can kill as we want, '" he said. "For Russia, which has blocked harder decisions when he said: "Help Russia in the killing of Syrians.""Families in the Syrian town of Hama to bury their dead in their home gardens as armed in uniform have taken hold and police shoot at random people in the streets, more than 100 since the weekend, according to kill Syrian residents and international human rights groups.""People like sheep, is slaughtered be", a Hama resident, said the to the associated press on condition of anonymity for fear of a speaking reprisals. "I have with my own eyes a little boy on a motorcycle, the vegetable is running, was from a tank.""Critics of President Obama reply said that the United States should serious diplomatic effort to family start the Assad in Syria, to isolate, which is a member of the religious minority of Alawites.""Now is the time to separate the Nusairier community of the regime" Elliott Abrams said the UN actions, known as national security adviser to former President George W. Bush.Amnesty International Deputy so far "totally inadequate." The Security Council have an arms embargo to impose, freezing the assets of Assad and other Syrian senior officials and find the case to the International Criminal Court for investigation of crimes against humanity, said Jose Luis Diaz, Amnesty International representatives in the United Nations.The State Department says that the regime has killed 2,000 people since March. The US Treasury on Thursday froze the assets of a family Assad confided. State Department spokesman Mark toner said that the Government is considering other ways "increase political and financial pressure on Assad."But the White House has removed not the US Ambassador from Damascus in protest, as other nations have. The international community has not pressed for regime change in Syria from the fear of sectarian violence, says Robert Danin, a former State Department under George W. Bush.Abrams says that an economic embargo Syrian oil exports, would significantly slow for the regime but trivial to world supply. He says that Obama of the Alawites through covert and diplomatic channels should address. Alawites generals that Syrian military, dominate, he says, the message should be: "You must be in a post-Assad, Syrian life." … "Your choice is a survivor or war criminals." Visit our FAQ for more information about reprints & permissions. Report corrections and clarifications, contact standards editor Brent Jones. Send review in the newspaper for publishing to letters@usatoday.com comments. Include name, telephone number, city and State for review. To view our corrections, go to corrections.usatoday.com.

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