Virginia Tech gun anxiety trickles down to company - WSLS

Palais Castle - the warning now affected not only the school, but also all Blacksburg at Virginia Tech.

Several people in downtown Blacksburg, said that the area was a complete ghost town.

Lia Deoliveira used her take care of down time to shop around her Salon. Most was actually spent fickle and cool to block their day.

"I kind of fear and kind of nervous," Deoliveira said.

As they waited details, she waited for customers. Although the characters frankly, very few went in.

Virginia Tech warning leaked to a sushi restaurant around the block.

"In the here eight are included and they are always full, but today we had the most five were at once," said Ben Woody, one of the restaurant servers.

Woody said students stop after the lessons, but says that he understands the fact that everyone on the side of caution was aberrations.

"If something a lot of people in the area of Blacksburg, certain heighten happens, concern for their welfare here and everything, now as what, all the"stay alert says"makes it a little bit nervous," Woody said.

After looking like a ghost town for several hours, downtown finally picked up late in the afternoon. People could be seen walking from shop in shop and the road was once again packed with cars.

Entrepreneurs are their cross finger the gun removed fear over the weekend has kept customers. The large "Steppin ' out" crafts Music Festival is Friday and Saturday, and it attracts hundreds of people in the city centre.

Said company owner if the gun had happened while fear, it would have created more panic in the city centre. So, they are glad, that does not happen.

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Virginia Tech gun anxiety trickles down to company - WSLS