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A 12-year-old boy who spent as long as 20 minutes in the Pacific surf dipped, before he was rescued, is amazing, that his family.

"Maybe it's a miracle, which here happens," said the young father, Chad Ostrander Spanaway, Washington, reporters Tuesday.

Charles "Dale" Ostrander attended of the southwest coast of Washington with members of his church youth group last Friday when he was caught in a Riptide North of long beach.

Doug Knutzen is part of the voluntary surf rescue team that discovered the young in the water. Knutzen Dale of the surf led and handed him over physician, the veteran rescuers feared the worst.

"I have done since 1978," said Knutzen the Oregonian ( "It is something you never get used to, but I knew that the young, absolutely had gone way."

Surf rescue swimmer Doug Knutzen Dale Ostrander leads approach Friday 5 Rd. Beach on the coast of cranberry Aug. 2011, in long beach, Washington rescue swimmers Eddie Mendez, links, and will green found him Ostrander in the surf. The young has been under water for up to 20 minutes, and is now hospitalized and aware. (AP Photo/Damian Mulinax/Chinook observer) Close

Recording of the scene was Damian Mulinix, a photographer from the Chinook had mentioned by the newspaper, the beach rescue observers. He says the other children from the Church Group sobbed and prayed.

"they were crying, face down on the ground, praying – it was a heart-wrenching scene" Mulinix said.

Paramedics started CPR. Finally, after Dale reached a nearby hospital, his heart rate returned.

He flew from the southwest Washington Coast on OHSU thorn Cup children's Hospital in Portland, Oregon/United States on Sunday evening he opened his eyes as he was facilitated by sedatives.

On Monday, he said a handful of words for the parents, Chad and Kirsten Ostrander. He replied as she encouraged him to cough to clear his throat, did "I don't."

Doctors have indicated his parents that although Dale survived, permanent brain damage could have.

The doctors "were very clear that he see been for too long, had too long without oxygen were" Kirsten Ostrander said, adding, "We trust (God), no matter what."

"If he chooses to take Dale in the sky, and if he chooses which still, then he is still good," she said. "And if he chooses our son bless us and us back, he is still good."

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Young moved from Pacific surf in dramatic rescue - ABC News